Seth and Laura needed time alone. They were debating about where to go when a friend suggested his cabin. They readily accepted his offer. Seth and Laura set off to the cabin. It was warm and cozy. Being summer time, both were glad it had a private pond as well. Their friend assured them it was safe for swimming. Soon, Seth and Laura were in bathing suits and splashing around like kids.

Laura looked amazing in her tankini. She had curves that were supported in all the right ways Seth swam up to her and began to kiss her neck. His hand went up to her breast and cupped it. He had a nipple hard in no time flat. Soon, his other hand worked it’s magic. Laura smiled. She loved having Seth’s hands on her body. Yet, she wanted to do something other than make love in a pond. Sensing her opportunity, Laura slipped under the water and swam away.

“Not yet, lover boy. You know I’ve always wanted to make love next to a bonfire. Tonight’s our chance.”, as she nodded towards the fire pit. “What’s more is it’s a full moon. I mean, c’mon”, she exclaimed.

Seth grinned broadly. “You know I don’t fully believe in a full moon”, he teased.

Laura swam by him. She circled him slowly, giving him a look. Soon, she had his board shorts off and she was on land before he knew it. “Hmm, that’s funny cause I’m looking at a full moon now”, she exclaimed as she ran towards the house.

Seth was still reacting to the fact she had so handily pantsed him in the water. He was laughing hard as he ran after her. He soon caught up to her on the porch, his erection hard and noticeable. “Laur, you want to wait then”, he asked softly. He sensed she wanted to wait, and although that wasn’t easy for him given his state, he had a feeling she was going to make it worth his while.

“I do, but now I feel like I’m giving you blue”, Laura was stopped by Seth.

“Don’t worry, I know you’ll make it worth the wait”, Seth grinned and winked at her.

Laura decided to help Seth out. She had him in her hands. “Well, you may have to wait for me, but I don’t suppose you have to wait for relief”. She expertly brought him to an even harder state with her firm, steady rhythm. His member felt so good in her hands, and she knew it would feel even better in her tonight. Seth was turned on by being brought to climax in the full sun of daylight.

Laura was pumping harder now, and caressing his boys. He loved how she knew exactly what did it for him. Seth was close to coming, and told her so. Laura paused for the slightest second, and asked if he wanted her to be naked when he came. Seth was too close, and shook his head no. Laura finished him off and Seth came hard.

Soon, it was evening. Seth got a bonfire going. He noticed Laura had moved the two person lounge chair close to the bonfire, as well as spreading out a blanket. There was another blanket to cover up with. Although it was summer, there was a slight chill in the air. Laura handed Seth a robe and told him to change into that. She too had a robe on, and from what Seth could tell, nothing else on.

She had hot dogs out along with cooking sticks and marshmallows. They went to the lounge chair and each cooked a hot dog. Seth then realized Laura wasn’t just picking camp food. The way she was eating the hot dog although not over the top, was sexy. She didn’t have a bun with it, and when finished, she slowly licked her fingers.

Seth then put some marshmallows on each of their sticks. When they were adequately burnt, Seth brought them close to his lips and started to blow on them to cool them down. Laura was watching him. Soon, he had a marshmallow off the stick and was offering it to Laura. She ate it from his fingers. He then licked his fingers clean. He made sure to have Laura’s attention.

Laura and Seth had a few more marshmallows and then set back on the lounge. They began to kiss. Seth’s hand went inside the robe to massage one of Laura’s full breasts. As he claimed her mouth again and again with his kisses, his hand brought her nipple to hardness. Seth bent down and gently kissed the peak. Laura sighed. Seth was not only getting the idea of the evening: slow, enjoyable, seductive, he was batting it out of the ballpark.

Seth then moved a little so his hand could take care of her other breast. Again, once he was done, he kissed the peak. Laura shifted, and her hands began to caress Seth’s chest. She found each of his nipples and began to fondle and suck on them. Seth shifted a little as it always turned him on to have her pay attention to his chest.

Her hand was about to go between his legs, when he shook his head no. With a wide grin, he pushed Laura’s robe open, and separated her legs. His hand readily went to her junction which was beginning to dampen. He moved his hands up and down her mound, with a sure, firm motion that had Laura moaning softly. He knew that this move was a favorite as it teased her nub without going right to it.

Laura then pushed his hand away, she wanted to pleasure Seth. She kissed down his body, and had his member in her mouth. She went up and down him, taking him in full. Laura was determined to bring him to climax. However, Seth wasn’t ready to be done yet. He reminded Laura of a technique where he could climax without coming.

Laura helped him and Seth reached his peak. Seth soon had Laura’s robe off. He wanted to see her naked body in the moonlight. Seth’s robe came off as well, and he guided her to the blanket. He began to lick, kiss, and suckle her nub. Laura’s hips rose as he brought her to higher states of ecstasy.

Seth began to work a little faster, and soon Laura was crying out and her body shook with pleasure as she reached climax. Laura wanted Seth. The full moon was gorgeous, and it along with the fire illuminated them both. Laura began fondling her breasts, keeping Seth’s eye contact. He was clearly enjoying it. Soon, Laura’s hands went down her body, and she began to touch her mound, nub, and worked herself near to climax. Seth was very much enjoying Laura’s self-love moment.

Laura asked him to help her out, and he slowly worked two fingers in and out of her. Laura cried out. He was going so deliciously slow. She began writhing to the pace he set, and fondling her breasts again. Seth kept the pace going, and soon Laura was bucking off his hand crying out his name.

“Seth, now, I want it, I want you. OH baby, please, take me”, she whimpered. Seth was all too happy to oblige, and he entered her. Between the moonlight, fire, and her climaxing, Laura was glowing. Seth was pumping in and out of her slowly, but firmly. He wanted her to feel him. Seth felt her walls gripping him. He watched her in the moonlight, panting and aroused. He soon realized that she had a point, there was something about making love in the moonlight that was sweet and maybe a little exhilarating.

That’s when Laura turned the tables on Seth, and knocked it out of the park for him. “Baby, I want you to take me from behind. I want to feel you hard and fast. I need you. We’re out here where no one can hear us, so c’mon just go for it”, she teased.

Seth stopped and helped Laura get into position. If he thought she was enticing and sexy before, seeing her on all fours look back at him was almost more than he could handle. He moved his hand so that he was rubbing her nub. He then slowly moved his hand back and forth so that her juices were all over her mound and nub. She was so very wet, he loved it.

Laura kept pushing back as if to urge him to enter her. Oh he would, but first he was going to enjoy this sight a little longer. Soon he couldn’t help himself. He decided to tongue her nub from behind. Wow did she respond. Laura spread her legs further apart and cried out his name. “Seth. Yes. OH”.

Seth had her wriggling against him, and she loudly cried out as he brought her to orgasm. She was still pulsing when he plunged into her. Laura again cried out her approval. Seth felt like the luckiest man. He began pushing into her hard. He could hear their bodies smacking together. That sound was beautiful to his ears. He started being more vocal, “Laura, hon, yeah, oh, yes, squeeze it, love”.

Laura began meeting his hard thrusts. Seth was loving it. Soon, he gave her rear a playful swat. “You like that don’t you”, he asked.

“Yes, again”, she moaned. She cried out as again he gave her a swat. It was not rough, but sexy. He began pumping harder. Laura was beside herself. She was so turned on, and ready to come again. Her walls began pulsing, and she felt this one was going to be a big one.

“Ohh, Seth yes, baby, do it”, she cried loudly as her body came.

Seth leaned in, “mm, no, I think I might have to stop. Is that really what you wanted to say”, he teased her. Seth was aware one of Laura’s other fantasies was to talk dirty. Soon Seth and Laura were trading explicit instructions to one another until Laura’s cry of “fuck me faster, love”, did him in.

Seth began to pump fast in and out of his love. Her body moved in the most beautiful ways as they carried out this act of love and union. Seth began to shudder, knowing he was soon to come. He noticed Laura had a hand on her nub and was working it. Seth knew she could not easily keep her balance and do that. He pushed her hand away and replaced it with his. He gladly worked her nub for the cries of approval she let out.

Seth and Laura came within moments of each other. They collapsed on the blanket. Laura pulled the blanket over them. Seth caressed a nipple as they talked about how much they enjoyed lovemaking under the full moon. It was his intention to keep her turned on as long as he could, and give her several more climaxes. He stated that, and true to his word, Laura came many more times under the beautiful full moon. She gave as good as she got, and happily gave Seth oral pleasure until he came.

They put out the bonfire, and went back in the house to collapse under a warm bed after their night’s activities.

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