In another post about BillI mention how Bill has come barreling back into my life. Granted the man has never been very far away. But it’s been a very long time since he has been this strong and the first time (in recent memory) to engage in dream sex. Very smoking hot dream sex.

His blue eyes channeled an enormous energy into my soul. We both thought back to a previous life where he said – one kiss is all it will take and we’ll remember everything. That’s one thing I have always known — him saying that all I have to do is kiss him once and the memories will come flying back.

I can still feel his lips on mine – a slight taste of tequila and lime on his lips. His lips were soft, smooth – like he spends as much time putting Chapstick on his lips as I do. That kiss – that first kiss that made my knees turn to jello and it felt like I was floating. So I was in a dream and my astral body was leaving to astral merge with Bill inside the dream. As our astral bodies merged, it was as if part of us were in a long hallway lined with closed doors – as far as the eye could see. They started slamming open. Boom.Boom. Boom… just kept going. And Bill’s eyes lit up like Christmas.

We were brought back into the physical and we were in the same place/house but now we were in an elevator, going down, and performing oral sex on one another. The things that ma can do with his tongue….holy shit. And I mean it. I say “Thank you” to all the women before me for if it wasn’t for them – he wouldn’t of been able to perfect his techniques!

The sensation of his cock in my mouth is just as vivid as if it just happened. The smoothness of it – the large vein on the underside – the trace of semen on the tip.

(Time out. Deep breath…)


The next thing I know is we are all sweaty and rolling around on the brown tile floor. Laying on my back hurts my back and his knees – so I rolled onto my side and he spooned me. But soon that wasn’t good enough for either of us.

Kissing – kissing – fondling – we made our way to the bedroom – onto the unmade bed. He threw me onto my back, toyed with my nipples, teased my stomach – then he got real intense and asked me if I was ready. I couldn’t say yes fast enough….

When he entered me, it was like a firestaff was inserted. It was so hot – on fire hot (but surprising not burning me hot) and the energy rose up to massive proportions – I head a buzzing noise like what happens during an astral separation – but the whole room seemed to vibrate and shift out of focus with every hard thrust.

Right at the point of orgasm, our astral bodies rolled out of our dream bodies and everything merged at once. It was unreal – seriously – had I not woken up with a start, and wet, I wouldn’t believe that it actually happened – happened.

Whew….I need a cigarette.

Now from time to time when I have these explosive encounters (I think they will be around much more often now that Bill and Ted are back), I will expand upon the sexual encounters here in Bliss. I would appreciate it if you wouldn’t copy what I said or talked about it with a lot of other people.



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