To dream is to journey into a faraway land. When we dream there isn’t any place that our soul cannot go or no one we cannot see. They are a source of knowledge and experience. Yet despite all of the strengths of dreaming, most people overlook them as a way to explore reality – both in the physical form and in the dreamscape.

If you practice a visualization of a dream lotus before going to sleep, it can help you attune to the source of knowledge that lies within your dreams.

1. Before you sleep, relax your head and eyes, your neck muscles and back, and finally your whole body. Clearing your mind as much as possible, simply lie there and breathe very slowly and softly.

2. When you are feelings calm and peaceful, visualize a beautiful, soft lotus flower in your throat. The lotus has light-pink pets, curling slightly inward with a dark pink tip. In the center of this lotus there is a luminous red-orange flame that is light at the edges, shading to darker at the center. Looking softly, concentrate on the top of the flame. Visualize it for as long as possible.

3. Hold the image. See how thoughts arise and the visual image of the lotus intertwines with them. Observe how these thoughts and images reflect their past and present associations and their future projections. Watch this process, but concentrate on the lotus, keeping your visualization clear. Other images may come into your mind, but as long as the thread of the visualization remains intact, it will carry over into t he dream.

4. At first when you pass into the dream state and images arise, you may not remember where they came from. However, your awareness will develop until you are able to see that you are dreaming. When you watch carefully you will see the whole creation and evolution of the dream, The dream images which at first are fuzzy and diffused, will become clear anad encompassing. The clear awareness is like having a special organ of consciousness, which can enable us to see another dimension of experience, and have access to another way of knowing how experience arises.

Visualization from: Tibetan Meditation by Tarthang Tulku

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