You see people from all walks of life having the life they have always wanted. By all outside indicators, they appear happy and fulfilled as they live a life of joy. Hard as you try, you cannot duplicate those feelings in your life. You try something, it goes wrong, you pick yourself up again and try once more. Get stabbed in the back. And it goes on and on…

Part of you thinks that you are not meant to have a joyful life.

The other part of you is pissed off at the above thought.

How can you create a joy-filled life? How do you create your perfect storm?

Create A Manifestation Box

  1. Find a box with a lid. A shoe box is perfect.
  2. Cover it with brown paper (I open up brown paper bags to use – it’s perfect).
  3. With red marker/pen, write in big bold letters on the lid: My Perfect Storm.
  4. Write one word on each of the 4 sides: Love, Money, Joy, Expectation.
  5. On the bottom of the box, write your name.
  6. In the box place pictures, words, phrases, or objects that identify your perfect storm.
  7. After it is all in there – place a quartz crystal and/or a moldavite.
  8. Over the contents sprinkle powdered sugar or orris root.
  9. Put the lid on.
  10. Place your dominant hand (the one you write with) on the box and recite 3x: I am living my perfect storm with peace, joy, and love.
  11. Put the box where it is easy for you to get to. You can recite the above as many times during the day as you want – with or without your hand on the box.
  12. Keep with it until your perfect storm manifests.



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