Energy is a marvelous creation. It’s everywhere and it’s free. Unlike the energy we pump into our cars or course through the wiring in our house, our energy is free. It is free to us and we are free to do what we want with it. Do we want to feel energized with positivity? Or do we want to drown in negativity? It is all up to us.

The easiest way to control our energy and make it as positive as it can be, is to add a little color to our lives.

If you’re looking for:

  • Passion, strength, better health, power of manifestation add more – RED
  • Sexual energy, creativity, abundance, attraction add more – ORANGE
  • Confidence, charm, self-esteem, personal power, freedom add more – YELLOW
  • Love, wealth, luck, fertility, unity add more – GREEN
  • Communication, truth, health, patience, will add more – BLUE
  • Spirituality, wisdom, imagination, intuition, knowledge, ambition, power add more – PURPLE or INDIGO
  • Peace, truth, tranquility, serenity, oneness add more – VIOLET or WHITE

Keep in mind, too much isn’t always better. Accentuate with color in moderation. You can add color in food, stones, clothing, accessories, wall color, furniture, etc…

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