Matt stared into her eyes. He had to know it was her by the eyes. She seemed different some how, yet the same woman he kept seeing in his dreams. They were on the astral plane together. He willed her to a Parisian apartment. She was dressed in a wrap dress, with a floral print. It was a subtle print, and there were touches of lace on the dress. The soft pink color of the dress made her fair skin glow.

Jaime’s eyes were the most intense blue right now. But he knew that at times they appeared almost white blue going past their standard blue grey. Other times, as though she had learned some secret, they looked almost green.

Matt pulled her close. He needed her, he needed her to know it was him, that this connection was real. He often wondered if she thought of him in real life. If she remembered their astral play time. It wasn’t always sex, sometimes they would talk, or they would learn new spiritual gifts together. But tonight it was going to be sex.

He wanted her body to remember what had happened even if her mind didn’t. Matt kissed her, long, slow and deliberately. His tongue seeking out hers and claiming it. She gasped and giggled at how strongly his energy was there. She returned the kiss with a new found confidence. That was the thing, Matt realized. Jaime finally seemed to be getting how damn sexy she was to other men. Hell, just owning her own sexuality.

Matt continued kissing her, going from soft to hard to fast to slow. Jaime was losing her breath at times from the intensity of it all. Matt surely was determined to seduce her past the point of self-doubt. She wasn’t complaining at all. Matt soon began to trace her neckline. He noticed the dress fit her perfectly and his finger traced along the neckline down to her decolletage.

She had firm, large breasts and he wanted to let her know just how much he enjoyed them. His finger dipped down to her cleavage and back up. Tracing again along the neckline. She sighed. Matt then began to slowly rub her breast. He used his palm in a circular motion to tease a nipple to hardness. As Matt did so, he realized there was no bra on.

Jaime grinned at his realization. She informed him on the astral plane, anything is possible. That even her sizable boobs could be perky and braless. At that Matt moaned. He began moving in bigger circles, willing the dress away from her breast. It was Jaime’s turn to moan.

Matt pulled her to the couch and they sat down with Jaime almost on his lap. He continued his breast play until one breast was out of her dress. Matt bent down and began kissing and sucking on her revealed breast. Jaime moaned loudly as he gently nipped her with his teeth. He knew that she liked that. Jaime squirmed and heard his low chuckle.

For a sensitive man, Matt could turn on the seducer like no other. As he moved to reveal her other breast, she ran her fingers through his curly hair. He suckled that breast to hardness as well. Jaime noticed although his movements were deliberate, he was wasting no time in playing with her body.

His free hand moved down to her junction. He had the dress parted, and his hand was toying with her wetness. He rubbed her juices over her sensitive nub and began playing her until she was almost at climax. Matt asked her to tell him what she wanted. He bit on a nipple again, softly and Jaime cried out. She indicated she needed to come oh so badly and that next she wanted him to take her.

Matt worked her nub even more and slipped a finger inside of her. He was working her quickly and soon he felt her body begin the delicious pattern of tense and release. Jaime came and was shuddering. Matt unbuttoned his shirt, and had his pants down, his hard member leaping out from his pants.

Jaime began to stroke him as he shook his head no. Matt pulled Jaime so she was over him. He made it clear they were having each other right then, right there. Jaime began brushing her opening against his head. He moaned. Soon, Jaime could no longer wait and she lowered herself on his thick, hard member.

Matt moaned. He took in the sight of Jaime, her dress disheveled, and opened to reveal her amazing breasts, her hairy mound, and the garter belt and stockings she was wearing. Her need was apparent as she was flushed bright pink. She began setting a rhythm, and with each up and down motion he could feel her breasts bouncing against them. Their nipples would rub against each other, and Matt moaned loudly.

Matt looked into Jaime’s eyes with burning passion. He told her he loved her tits, that he loved squeezing them, playing them, and especially how they bounced when she was riding his cock. Jaime shuddered at his words. Matt knew how to use dirty talk sparingly to make her that much hotter.

As she quickened her pace, she noticed Matt moving his hand down. His thumb found her nub and began to work it with firm pressure. She cried out. Matt’s cock was pumping harder now, and she was ready. Jaime began to pulse from her center, and soon felt a firework of energy releasing outward. Her body shuddered from the bliss of the climax washing over her in waves.

Matt kissed her again and continued pumping. Jaime knew he was close. She began squeezing her kegels to milk him while he was thrusting in her. By his cry of damn, she knew it was the right thing to do. Jaime began whispering her own naughty nothings into his ear. How she wanted him to pump harder, to feel him explode.

That did the trick for Matt as he felt the familiar build of pressure then the release. Matt was panting hard now. He was beside himself with the energy they created. He and she remained in a tight embrace, each unable to move from the powerful climax.

Jaime thanked Matt for the astral dream destination he picked. He laughed softly and said that he knew Paris was the city of her dreams. Jaime kissed him lustily and declared that if it hadn’t been before, it was now.

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