There are times when you meet someone when you know that they like you, but they will not tell you that they like you. That next step is elusive, far off, with no inkling on when that step will take place. Can you change their mind? Can you make their fear go away? Yes you can — but first you must make sure that it is what you want.

When a person is stuck in fear or if they are just STUCK period – their energy has too much red in it. Red energy can make a person fearful to make a move, any move at all. So what can you do about it and why should you make sure you really want it done?

The WHAT of it all is working with their energy. The WHY you need to be careful is when you work with their energy, your energy gets embedded in the mix. If the person changes his or her mind, releases fear, and moves forward – it is because you helped them along. Plus the old saying – be careful what you ask for because you just might get it – is very true here. Any time you work with energy, you need to be positive you want the outcome.

If you decide that this what you want to do — this is the HOW:

  1. Close your eyes and imagine the target person.
  2. Imagine the decision that needs made or fear removed.
  3. Send YELLOW energy to the person – wrap them up nice and tight in the energy. Also wrap the yellow energy around the decision/fear that needs changed.
  4. Hold all that wonderful yellow for a minute of so.
  5. Let it all go.
  6. Now you can “spot check” them when you feel they need it by sending them a short blast of yellow energy.

How soon the change takes place depends on the strength of your energy blast and the strength of his or her conviction on keeping things the same.

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