Body painting can be a way to mask the outer you to release your inner inhibitions and set a sexual play mood. How does that sound? Sounds juicy – doesn’t it? Oh it is it is — as it can inspire erotic dancing (wonderful way to get your sexual energy moving), or it can be enjoyed for what it is – sheer beauty.

Art Supplies:

  • Almond oil
  • Body paint
  • Large soft brush
  • Optional: body glitter & body transfers

Creating Your Body Art

  1. Select the location & music to match your mood and your upcoming design.
  2. Before you paint, give your partner a full body massage with almond oil (aphrodisiac) to seal dry skin.
  3. With your lover standing, apply the paints with a large soft brush, following the contours of the body. Have FUN with this — use dramatic flowing strokes, working delicately around sensitive areas such as breasts, palms, feet, and genitals. Flow with it – make it an erotic, sensual experience.
  4. Optional – add a dusting of glitter or work body transfers into the design.
  5. Switch – have your partner massage and paint you!

Dance together — make love and allow the colors to merge!

PS: make sure you find paint made for the body AND do not paint the whole body — body has got to breathe!

PPS: test paint 1st on a small patch of skin 1st to make sure there not an allergic reaction.

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