On the advice of Joshua, I have decided to start writing an OBE sex erotica novel starring me, Bill and Ted. Although he says I need to change my name to Alex – short for Alexandra – so that I am. It will also have BDSM in it.

So I guess it’s a BDSM OBE sex story with a love triangle. My kind of book. I’m going to publish under the pseudonym of Crimson Blu (thanks Lisa J).

I welcome comments and suggestions:) Leave out grammar, spelling and any other editorial glitch and just give me your $.02 on the story.

This is unfiltered and not edited. I have decided to type what comes up here in the blog. Then when I do publish the book, I will edit – put more in, take some out – depending. So as Bliss members you get the 1st look – and with your comments and feedback, help me shape the story.


The room was dark, but it didn’t seem to bother me, I was used to darkness. The coolness, stillness of the night tantalizes my senses, makes me ooze with anticipation. I am not one to love darkness, but I welcome it when it arrives. For you see when the sun goes down and the moon shines bright, that’s when my life begins.

No, I am not a vampire. Although the thought of a a sharp pointy object being pieced ever so slightly into my neck makes my pulse race and panties wet — I am just a human with an extraordinary night life. Care to uncover your inner voyeurism and watch?

I thought so. Not too many people have turned down a night of orgasmic ecstasy. Be still. Listen and learn….

…The spicy and earthy scents of ylang-ylang and patchoui filled the air. Once the aromas settled into my energy, he would come. He always comes. Night after night my I have a lover who enters my dreams and takes me places that one can only read about in travel magazines or Science Fiction books.

The world of the Dreamscape is vast and every changing. Wherever we want to go, there we are. Whomever we want to be, we can be. I laid there thinking back to my last enounter with Bill.

We were on the white sands of a deserted beach. Our naked bodies were wet, slippery and creamy. His long frame, stretched out, arms above his head. Eyes closed. My tongue circled his taunt nipples tasting the salt, the sea and the sweatiest that is so him. With each flick of my tongue, his back arched, his chest begging for me to go deeper – to hold on.

His hand slid through my hair and grabbed on mid scalp to a fist full of wet hair. A sharp twinge pulsed through my body, as I felt myself getting wet in anticipation.

“You’re such a tease,” Bill purred. He pushed my head hard to his chest. I sucked ever so gently. “Harder,” he begged. My tongue painstakingly encircled his nipple. I flicked the top of the throbbing nipple as my lips came crushing down. Bill groaned in delight, his hand tightened on my hair.

With a quick flip, I was on my back. Bill placed his knee between thighs. My legs spread automatically, my hips raised slightly off the ground to invite him in. In the background I could hear a door slam shut.

“Hurry,” I begged. “I need you in me now!”

His cock slid in, I groaned, my legs wrapped around him in delight. I reached back and grabbed his tight butt. His arms held my legs back, so that my knees were by ears. His thrusts were deep, strong. I could feel the energy building up inside of me.

“Alex.” I heard someone whisper my name. “Alex, you’re having a nightmare.”

I yelled, “No!” I was being shook awake. “No, stop!” I screamed.

Bill was off of me, arms out, trying to hold onto my body. But I kept slipping…slipping away.

My eyes flew open and I sat up. There on the edge of the bed was scruffy-faced, disheveled Ted.


A good place to stop for now. Remember that I’m writing as I go. There’s no outline, no character sketches. I’m writing whatever comes up. This also means it could be a couple of updates a day. Whenever the mood strikes, I will write.

Next time: Bill created an itch that Ted will have to scratch……:)

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