I had the most interesting time. My man, David was sending me energy. You see, I call him my man, but we haven’t yet had our first date. I have sensed for awhile something was bound to happen between us. Today it seemed as though he was determined to show me his feelings. David was private, like me. So, sending each other energy was the most subtle way for us to share our feelings at work. I could feel him, it was like this pulsing energy that washed all over me. He was sweet, sexy, and tender all at once. I got home and telepathically he promised me more fun.

Next thing I knew, I felt a tingling in my sacral chakra. I knew he was connecting again. I sent white light around us both. His energy felt like lips on my neck. I could sense his full lower lip gliding up and down my neck. It took my breath away. He went to my ear next, taking my ear lobe into his full lips and suckling so gently. It was so tender, yet so primal and sensual. I didn’t know how to describe the mix of sensations but I was just living in the moment.

Next I felt as though he was kissing down my jawline over to my lips. He took my lips without hesitation. The energy was so strong it was as though he was in the room with me. I returned the feeling. His lips continued to possess me. He kissed my lips, then his hands moved to my breasts. I was used to energy feeling like the person, but this took it to all new heights. My breasts were being massaged, cupped and caressed. His thumbs went all over the nipples until they were firm and hard.

Soon I felt a nipple being suckled. He was going slow and steady. I felt the nipple grazed by his teeth. The sweet full lips pulled the taut nipple and released. I sighed and moaned quietly. I wondered when he would give equal attention to my other breast when his hand cupped the one he had been working on. Soon, his mouth teased the other side, and had me moaning. I could sense his excitement.

I began reciprocating the energy. I followed the same general idea, face, then chest. Soon, I needed to sense his member. I sent my energy to him and imagined my hand wrapped around him, slowly, teasingly pumping. I felt his shudder and heard his telepathic yes.

As my hand slowly worked him, he returned the favor. His hand slipped between my legs and worked me. I was sighing. I decided to use two energy hands now and heard “that’s it Amelia”. I began pumping him harder, so he too worked me faster. My breathing was ragged now, and I just wanted to feel him all over me. I thought of what his naked body looked like, and it was so tantalizingly close. I figured that in reality, like me he was dressed. Yet, it didn’t matter to my horny mind.

I saw him gloriously naked. His legs were muscular, as was his hairy chest. His arms were developed. He wasn’t a gym rat, but oh so right. I soon felt him enter me. I felt his slow, assured strokes. My body quivered in response. I felt him over and over in and out. He kissed me again. David picked up the pace, and I could feel the thrusts were harder. I began shaking, I could tell I was close to a real life orgasm. I cried out again. I heard him saying my name over and over, “Amelia, Amelia, Amelia”. Soon, I came as did he. I felt him kiss my wet opening and then my lips. I sent my energy to his cock and his mouth. We both laughed. He then said good bye. I had a feeling that wasn’t the last I’d hear of him for the night.

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