In a previous Bliss post I taught you how to make a great OBE/physical sex grid that can be pushed under the bed or next to the bed. But what if you do not want to have anything under or next to your bed? If so….try this!


  • Tape or string
  • 4 Quartz crystals
  • 2 Lapis
  • 1 Opal
  • 1 Black tourmaline

Tape or tie with string – a quartz crystal to the 4 corners of the bed. A lapis to the middle of your headboard and the middle of your baseboard. Finally an opal in the middle of one side board and a black tourmaline on the other side board.

The combination of these stones will give you extra energy for astral/dream flight, recall and protection. Plus it keeps things off the floor and your bedroom tidy.

The grid is also able to provide extra sexual energy for your physical sex life as well.


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