Make bath time something special. In the evening, add candles (red for sex, pink for love – or scented ones such as vanilla, patchouly or ginger), music, luxurious oils or rose petals sprinkled on the water. Or suggest a bath in the middle of the day as a surprise to completely lift your mood. Add masses of foam/bubble bath.

Use these 6 tips to make it even more special:

  1. Water, interesting enough, is drying. Apply plenty of lube before you immerse yourselves.
  2. Combine bath time with a steamy mutual pubic hairdressing session.
  3. Give your partner an underwater massage with creamy soap. Pay special attention to the areas of tension around the neck and shoulders, so he or she is completely relaxed before you soap the genitals. Be through here, exploring every part of the pelvic area with tantalizingly slipper, gently probing fingers.*
  4. Be inventive with sex positions to overcome the limitations of the tub. It’s good for mutual masturbation. Then try the woman sitting on top as the man reclines. Then she can lie back too – rock gently into each other – try not to cause a flood. Or she can sit on his lap, facing the taps.
  5. Don’t forget to keep warm – top off frequently with hot water.
  6. Afterwards, so straight to bed, still wet but wrapped tightly in huge towels. It’s a really relaxing way to fall asleep together.

* Soap inside the vagina can lead to irritating the skin, along with the chance of infection.

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