Do you want to be in a long-term loving relationship? Do you want your current relationship to be long-lasting, loving and happy? If you answered yes to either of the above questions, keep reading.

(If you answered no to both questions – ask yourself – why?)

Ask yourself daily the below questions. Make it a habit and watch your relationship soar!

6 Guiding Question for Long-Term Love

1. Purpose – how can I serve myself and my partner greatly?

2. Presence – am I here in the moment when I am with my partner? What level am I in this moment in terms of my emotional and physical vibrancy and presence? At the moment you ask – from a scale from 1 – 10 – are you vibrating at a 3? A 5? Your relationship needs you at a state of 7+.

3. Psychology – are we living our true relationship to one another? What 3 words define who I am as a person? What 3 words define who my partner is as a person? What 3 words should define how I should interact with my partner?

4. Physiology – am I fully rested and hydrated? Did you sleep at least 7 hrs and are you drinking at least 6 liters of water a day (going to the bathroom a lot releases toxins)? You control your schedule – you control how much water you drink.

5. Productivity – what is my mission today? What must I accomplish today to progress in love & happiness within my relationship. Give yourself and your relationship something that lights up your life.

6. Persuasion – am I demonstrating bold enthusiasm, empathy and love when I seek to influence or guide my partner?

Doubt that the above will help you improve your relationship? Write down the current state of your relationship. Commit to doing the above, daily, for two weeks. Write down the 2 week state of your relationship. Compare. There will be a difference. If not, then you are not fully engaging in the 6 steps/questions.

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