Telepathic sex is truly the anytime, anywhere orgasmic experience and makes a great prelude to future physical sex. You can have telepathic sex while you’re standing in line at the store, sitting in your college class or squished in coach on a NYC to LA flight.

Employ these 5 steps to better telepathic sex:

  1. If you find that you have a hard time connecting to the person of your sexual desire – try the tunnel exercise. Here you walk very slowly down a tunnel towards the person you want to connect to. Step by step you get closer and with each step you can see a part of them more vividly clear until you take that last step and stand in front of them being able to see all of them in vivid detail. The reason for the tunnel is for “tunnel vision”. It blocks off any distractions that can keep you from connecting.
  2. If you have a difficult time imagining the white light band connecting you and your target – instead imagine yourself bathed in a white light and that white light extends out from you to engulf your target so that you both are bathed in white light.
  3. Refrain from drugs and alcohol for at least 8 hrs prior. Drugs include all over the counter drugs with the exception of pain relief.
  4. Make the first few connections short and to the point. Do not try to engage in full-on sex until you get the telepathic connection down pact. Connect to the target person and on the 2nd & 3rd connections engage in telepathic foreplay (btw – this is fabo for teasing your loved one to have them primed for future sex that day). Allow yourself to play with their breasts, kiss their lips & neck, slide your hands across their chest, grind your body into theirs – but do not go further than this. Once you get the hang of things you can go further and engage in oral sex or sexual penetration.
  5. If you find that you are running into roadblock after roadblock when it comes to connecting with someone – the odds are high that at some level they have told you no. Whether it’s because you two have never met – not in this life and not in a past life, or they simply do not want them in their space. Respect that decision and move forward to someone new.
Happy OBE’ing!
Allie 🙂


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