Bliss: 5 Top Reasons Why You Have To Let Shit Happen!

I seem to be full of curse words today – don’t I? It’s my lack of sleep I tell you — regardless of the reason, I still need my zzzzzzzzzzzzz’s!

People, including myself, tend to buck the bronco when things start to shift. I rarely find anyone who doesn’t hesitate just a little when things enter a transition. That said, I have found in my 46 years on the planet that resistance is not only futile (channeling my inner Trekkie), but damaging.

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Here are my 5 top reasons to why you need to let shit happen:

  1. It’s going to happen anyway
  2. What isn’t in your highest good will crumble away
  3. What is in your highest good will appear
  4. Positive mojo will flow to you
  5. You’ll get to sleep again

I’m sure that there is more and there are probably more profound ways to state the above. But as you well know by now- shit happens!

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