Time is a commodity in short supply. Places to be. People to see. Things to do. So what happens when you and your partner are hot, horny and in a public place? Do you take a chance to kill the mood while you go someplace safe? Or do you go with what you got? If you use a splash of discretion with an ounce of common sense, public sex can be more sensual and exciting than you ever thought possible. Here are five sexy places for quickie sex.

Going Down?

An elevator is a great place to have very quick sex! You will probably need more time than allowed to go up/down a few floors. If you can do so without triggering an alarm, stall the elevator until penetration and then let the elevator run. It’s is a good idea not to exit from the main floor as it’s doubtful your clothes and hair with be public ready.

The Big Screen!

It may sound cliche, but quick sex in the theater is still a thrilling turn on. Make sure your seats are in the back and you should be able to commence without being caught.

Bathroom Break!

Two people out on a hot date, sometimes hormones take over rational thinking and the next thing anyone realizes is that they are half naked in the bathroom. The odds of someone hearing the excitement are high, but if exhibition is on the to-do list, this is a great way to mark it off.

Climb the Stairs!

If you have a short time between classes, or if your roommate is home, consider heading to the nearest staircase for some couple time. Best place is the landing on the highest floor, less likely to get interrupted.

Get In the Driver’s Seat!

Ok, so it’s not the most original idea, but a quickie in the car, in a location that will not get you arrested, can still be a wonderful experience!

With some ingenuity a couple could also make the workplace an ideal spot after hours or even a cemetery after the sun sets.

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