Activating your bliss. Who wouldn’t want that? No one – right? Makes sense. But so many stumble through life without even a day living their bliss. Why? Because people chase what they think their bliss is, not what will make their lives blissful. There is a difference.

For example – many people chase wealth. Money is good. It can buy you houses, cars, take you on trips, provide you with some bling, and more! They chase and chase it. Some get it, many do not. The ones who get it and who do not get it are equally as unhappy.

What? Wait — really???


Because they were chasing the wealth – not the reason behind the wealth.

Why would someone chase wealth? For the freedom to do what they want and/or the security it brings. If they looked beneath the material items they would see what their bliss truly is. It honestly isn’t the nice cars and big houses.

I don’t want you to fall into that trap. I want you to live your bliss!

If a person knows what their bliss actually is, then they can live it. If the wealth person realized that it was freedom that was their bliss – and they pursued freedom – they could have found that by owning their own business, living in an RV, hiking through Europe, or living a nomadic lifestyle. Then they would be happy – REGARDLESS of how much money they had/didn’t have.

See the difference?

Pursue the foundation of the bliss, not the symptoms of it.

4 Steps To Activating Your Bliss

(and therefore living it)

  1. In columns – list what you think your bliss is. Example – a money column, a marriage column, and so forth.
  2. Whittle down what each bliss means to you – keep reducing it so you have one word each. For example – money = freedom, marriage = love, travel = freedom, and so forth.
  3. Dedicate an orange candle to each core bliss. Carve the core value into each candle (freedom carved into one orange candle, love into another, and so forth).
  4. Light each candle (separately or all at once), close your eyes and imagine yourself living your bliss. Having the freedom & love you desire. Do so for 9 min. Snuff the flame out. Repeat daily (9 min ea time) till each candle is burned down. If one candle burns down faster than the rest – once that candle is gone, concentrate on the bliss that is still lit.

Your bliss is activated. Pursue your bliss and get the life of your dreams! Remember – your bliss is the foundation, not the outcome!

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