The quickest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, is a saying that rings true, especially if the partner is a good cook! But there are more ways to please your man that does not always have to include time in the bedroom.

1. Talk to him, not at him. If there is a problem to be solved, discuss it with your man without throwing blame.

2. Allow him to de-stress for 30 min after he comes home from work. Whether it’s computer time or watching his favorite TV show, giving him some alone time will make whatever it is you want to discuss with him go much smoother.

3. Give gifts for no reason, expensive doesn’t matter. Men love gifts as much as ladies do. Make sure it is something that they would appreciate rather than what you want them to appreciate.

4. Allow him guy time. Whether it is getting together with his male buddies for golf, sitting around Sunday afternoon to watch football or having a night out at a bar, he needs the time.

5. A man is more than just his penis. The way the media portrays men it may not appear that way but there are more layers to a man than the obvious.

6. Be the one to initiate sex. Men get tired of being the one who puts their neck out all the time.

7. Allow your man to go down on you during sex. Men love to lick their lady in their private zone. Let them do so. Ladies, a woman taste like a woman, taste like a woman. If there is a worry, check your hygiene.

8. Ladies, men love for you to not only perform oral sex on them; they love it if hair was moved out of the way so that they could watch. Men are visual creatures never forget that.

9. If you want your man to do something in bed that is pleasurable or if there is something that needs to be left out, for the love of God, speak up! As much as a woman would love a man to be a mind reader, they are not one.

10. If a woman cannot climax, please do not fake the orgasm. If a man is lead to believe that what they did contributed to the woman’s orgasm, they will follow the same routine next time. If the sex was no good to begin with, then it will start a downward spiral that will be awkward to get out of.

All 10 steps obviously do not have to be utilized daily. But add them into your monthly routine. Relationships take work. Put the effort in, give one another personal space and watch the relationship grow and deepen. The more comfortable he feels, the more likely he will be willing to do those pesky chores that need done!

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