The old saying, When momma ain’t happy no one is happy. Is so true. So why let your relationship ever get to that point? A happy woman is going to in turn make a happy man.

Pleasing a woman starts way before you two are in the bedroom and continues through the intimacy to the final sexual climax.

1. Show up. Be present. Seriously gentlemen…when you are talking with your woman, listen to her. Don’t think about work, or the basketball game or even if you’re going to win your fantasy football league.

2. Do your share of work. If the two of you live together, cooking dinner every once in a while will not kill you. Cleaning the kitchen, doing dishes and running a vacuum along the floors will make her a happy camper. Have kids? Help there too.

If you two do not live together, washing her car every once in a while is good. Planning a date or two. Picking up dinner or making it. You get the drift.

3. Give gifts for no reason, expensive doesn’t matter. Sure, most women love the bling. But inexpensive gifts that show you put thought and time into picking it out means a lot too. Give her a flower on a Monday or a book by her favorite author on Wednesday.

4. Be expressive when needed, let your emotions flow. When the two of you are having a discussion, do not retreat into normal man-cave behavior and keep your feelings to yourself. She’s not a mindreader any more than you are one.

5. Remember that she is more than breasts and vagina. Enuff said.

6. Never stop experimenting. Her body’s sensitivity changes as her arousal level rises. Vary the pressure of your touch or the length of how long you do touch.

7. She Needs the Distraction. During sex, men focus on the end game. Women’s minds wander, and more often than not into fantasy. Encourage the fantasy, as it is a way for her to disconnect her mind from day to day pressures and enjoy the experience. You can get the mood started by creating an erotic fantasy before things heat up. Then, you can whisper provocative sentences (not dirty talk, but sexy talk) to each other in turn, building a story she can get lost in. So you see, fantasy does not necessarily mean she is thinking of someone else.

8. Let Her Take Over. Men are usually takes the lead with sex. Let her control the pace and the intensity either only at first or the whole time, depending on the mood. Encourage her to be on top: It allows her to take advantage of a full range of positions; facing you, facing away, even sitting cross-legged on you.

9. Slow Down. Pulling back when she’s near climax and then resuming can enhance her orgasm. When you know she’s at the edge, either by her reaction to the experience or you ask her, stop thrusting and kiss her body. Repeat several times…build up, back off…until you take her over the edge. No worries about her losing the moment, it normally takes 5 to 10 minutes to lose arousal.

10. Ladies first. Allow her orgasm first before you climax. This way you know that both of you are satisfied to the fullest.

Employ one or more of the suggestions each month and your effort will be rewarded! I cannot say this often enough, relationships take work. If you want your relationship to succeed, then get in the game!

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