Were You Blindsided?

Were You Blindsided?

At some point in time, I bet most of you could say “HELL YA” to that question. I know I can. But in hindsight all the signs were there. However, I was so involved in either reminiscing about the past or fantasizing (or worrying) about the future that I didn’t see the PRESENT signs that something was about to happen. Being blindsided isn’t exclusively a bad experience. You can get surprised by a job offer, a windfall of money. a new business opportunity, a new love, and the list goes on.

Do me a favor and think about the last time you were blindsided. Where was your focus weeks, or days before it happened? Can you remember what you were thinking about?

Now think about the day/time you were blindsided. Can you look back right before it happening and see the signs that it was on the way?

Signs include, but not limited to:

  • A “gut” feeling AKA your intuition that something was about to happen.
  • A change (even ever so slight) in the people around you.
  • Songs/TV shows/Movies/Books repeatedly pop up.
  • You listened to your gut feeling earlier and there wasn’t an immediate pay off (this is a HUGE BUTT sign that it was the catalyst to set something bigger in motion).
  • Your dreams are crazy.
  • Thoughts pop into your head that are not your own.
  • Your attracted to web sites/people that previously were not on your radar.

All of the above happen to me more times than not. The last one on my list – web sites/people just popped up back in Feb. Scarlet, the ex co-host for The Passion Zone, called me up one day in Feb and sad, join B-School with me. I’m like – WTF is that? She said, you don’t know about Maria Forleo? I’m like — no — should I? So she filled me in and within 30 sec after hearing all of it and visiting Maria’s web site – I’m like – I’m in! With no clue on how I would pay for it or what would come of it — I knew I had to be there.

Best experience with B-School – would do it again in a heartbeat.

Has anything come of it yet? Besides improving my business – no. But I know it is the catalyst for something bigger. Same with my Daily Om OBE Sex class. Something bigger.

Point of all of this is that the signs are always there. We just do not pay attention.

Stay in the present and kick blindsided to the curb!

Have a blindsided story? Let me hear about it in the comments below!


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