Blending intimate energy is a continuation of my post on sharing intimate energy from a few months ago. In that post I talked about when you have intimate sexual interactions with another soul – be it in person or via OBE, there is an energy exchange. In this energy exchange you absorb the energy of your partner as he or she absorbs your energy. On top of which if they or you do not regularly engage in cleansing your energy of negative or attachments, then he or she (and you too) absorb the energy of everyone you/they have come in sexual contact with (physical or OBE) – EVER.

Now – over the last week or so I’ve had some incredible insights on the blending of energies within a loving, romantic relationship.

Each person has his or her own energy signature.No two energies are the same. This holds true for the colors of each person’s energy field. I may sense a lot of green from my heart chakra, but my green will be different than say my Tuesday co-host, Holly. They are both green, but each green is unique to the person based on his or her vibrational level. Holly and I have different “tints” to our green.

What a person needs is another person who compliments his or her energy colors. In a relationship, the colors have to blend well or the combined energy will not work and therefore the relationship will not work. This also holds true when one or both partners in a relationship shift or change. No only do their energy vibrations change, but so does the color of their energy.

Still with me?

Ok – there is also one other bit I have discovered.

At the base of who we are as a soul in the current incarnation, that base is a color. And that base color effects the colors in the energy body. So a person with a purple base – all of the colors of his or her energy field will have a purple tint to it. If someone is a red base – the colors of the energy field have a red tint.

As we evolve as souls (throughout lifetimes – only 1 base color per life), our base tint changes. The more advanced the soul, the lighter the base color is.

Stick with me, next post I’ll talk about what base color means what in regards to who we are as souls. You need to understand your base color in order to find a person who will compliment that base. If you find that soul to compliment your energy, the resulting intimate blend will be spectacular.

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