Are you trying to blend two families into one? Let this blended oil help you find success!

“Gypsy Magic For The Family’s Soul” By Allie Theiss

The Best Time
Create this oil when the moon is new, waxing or full.

1/8 cup Base Oil
6 drops Palmarosa
3 drops Lavender
3 drops Lemon Verbena
1 Tiny Amethyst or Rose Quartz
1 Sterilized Glass Bottle w/ Lid

Making The Oils

1. Place your base oil and essentials oils within reach.

2. Begin by visualizing your need or goal.

3. Once it is clearly formed in your mind, add the base oil to the jar.

4. Add the ingredients in one by one, swirling the jar clockwise to mix.Note how each ingredient affects the aroma of the oil.

5. Take your stone/crystal and place it in your projective hand.

6. Visualize your need or goal.

7. Once it has been clearly formed in your mind, pour your need into the stone/crystal.

8. Add the stone/crystal to the oils.

9. Seal the jar.10. Store for three days (or at least overnight) before your first use.

• Anoint yourself with a few drops on the neck, wrists and ankles.
• Anoint candles.
• Anoint stones/crystals.
• Place a few drops on a cotton ball or handkerchief and inhale when needed.
• Add six to ten drops in your bathwater.
• Place a couple of drops in a diffuser.
• Add a few drops to a spray bottle full of spring water and spray in rooms.
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