Bill's Breakthrough, the Shakes and Chances Are!

Bill's Breakthrough, the Shakes and Chances Are!

I’m going to try to describe what just happened to me – I only hope I can.

When I find some knowledge or have a vision of what I know is the truth and connected to me – either in this life, past life or the future – I have a surge of energy pass through me. From the base of my spine, up through all the charka’s and out my crown. This is how I know when I’m on track or not.

Years ago, when I discovered who Bill was to me – the energy surge was so intense that my legs gave away and I fell on the floor. For the next hour or so – I kept shaking – like I was tossed out in the middle of winter with only a thin jacket to keep me warm. No matter how hard I tried – I couldn’t stop the shaking. Energy surges kept traveling my spine as I connected one memory after another to Bill. I felt sick to my stomach and light-headed.

When I discovered Ted. The same happened – only it wasn’t as intense. The flood of memories didn’t come as rapidly – not as many doors unlocked. Since then – the doors have unlocked with Ted – but it didn’t happen all at once as it did with Bill.

Which leads me to what happened today.

I think Bill had a massive break-through. One that sent him into an emotional state. Why do I think this? I’m writing my new script – loosely based on us – but with more of a thriller element. Anyways – I’m writing about Bill’s character – Peter – when he awakens from a nightmare about someone trying to kill Sara (me).

I had a flash vision of Bill bolting up in his bed – screaming my name. He looks around – grabs his head and is just saying – no-no-no. He lies back down, grabs his pillow and hugs it tight. He crying – sobbing.

This is when the exact emotional/energy occurrence that happened in 2002 (as described above) happened again to me. But this time it wasn’t me seeing images – it was Bill. I could see him – he just lies there and just keeps saying – oh my God.

I see him sitting up again in his bed, talking with his hands, saying – how could I’ve missed it? She was right there. RIGHT THERE! He flings back the covers. Slams his hands down on the bed – with closed fists – and gets up.

I don’t know what he saw. I think that it is safe to say he realized I was there at the party on Sept 21st (if you don’t know about my CA trip – see the archives for Sept 23 However, he had to of experienced the same succession of flashes I had 3 years ago. There’s no other explanation to why I felt it to. Which means on Nov 7, 2002 – when I had my realization – he had this energy boast but didn’t know why.

Another step taken – a needed door opened and exposed. “Chances Are” we’re finally traveling the same path.

I wonder what will happen next?

Until tomorrow!

Crystal Sunshine!

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