Bill's Anger, Ted's Love and a Plea for Help!

Bill's Anger, Ted's Love and a Plea for Help!

Bill’s anger bothers me. It bothers me so much because I don’t know where it’s coming from or why he is directing it at me. I haven’t done anything to deserve the anger – at least as far as I know. So I asked Cindy how her session went yesterday and she sent me this:

“Again I am arguing with Bill and this time I am telling him to stop being a victim. He gets mad and throws these three crystals at me. He says they do not work. I tell him they do work but he needs to bless them. He says for me to do it. I tell him he needs to have his energy on them. I do not touch his crystals and he is mad.

Then Ted walks in and he says pick up your crystals. Mine are working. I talked to her in my dreams.

Bill picks up the crystals and his face lights up and light is all around him and the crystals.

Then you appear above us in a bubble like light form and you have your wand and you bless Bill and then he steps into the bubble with you and the two of you disappear.

Ted and I laugh and say we know what you two will be doing.

We decide to make a potion to bring the two of you together. We make something using a formula in a book that I have with me. Ted has something of yours and I have something of Bill’s and we say a chant like spell using this recipe. Then we see the bubble again and you are inside of Bill’s body as we see your eyes through his. He says, cool, huh?

That was it.”

Pretty darn interesting seeing that I’ve been having dreams of Bill’s anger as well. What is also amazing about her session is that she does not do magic (in this lifetime) so her performing magic at all is really quiet cool.

I ask Cindy to do a reading for me on the guys. I want to try to gauge where Ted is in regards to me and his spiritual development as well as figure out what in the hell is wrong with Bill.

Here’s the reading:

As you delve into the immense Universe, seeking spiritual insight, thus, your requests for spiritual guidance are received in Spirit and answered unto ye soul without delay. We see that Bill is on his great journey, and as he travels the soul is thus becoming somewhat weary and tired, and enduring opposition emotionally, and as he endures inner turmoil and feelings of hopelessness he somewhat shuts down and closes himself mentally. There is somewhat of a division and need for emotional and spiritual upliftment, healing and light, as his energy field, is quite low and in need of protection. There are feelings of despair, lowness of spirit. His thoughts are constantly racing, and he tries to reach out and is unable to reach out and then thoughts, feelings of despairing come and he misinterprets the problems feeling as though no one is reaching back and it is his blockage, and we see that he is in need of removing such emotional blocks. It is important that he remove doubts in all forms, and he is the supreme healer in this turmoil.

His memories and visions are clear, though he is questioning much and he is longing, yearning for physical connection and fulfillment of promise of happiness, and his soul is feeling torn apart, incomplete, and his gentle, yet complex nature desires what he desires which you is and which is now. There is a feeling of despair, hopelessness, as he feels that you are disconnecting. He feels that he has tried to reach out to you but you do not reply. It is a misconception on his part; his thoughts are grounded in the basement of the lower self. This doubt, despair, insecurity about the future, needs to be left in the basement, with padlocks on the doors, and he is in needing of rising to the freedom and certainty of the Higher Self, his vibrations need to rise to meet you. He feels that he contacts you in codes, those from the past, and you do not decipher them or you do not answer fast enough.

Ted is risen above earth bound concerns, and problems, and his energy and spirit are alive and well, renewed, connected completely and he is taking in and absorbing your energy and light. He sees your beauty and truth and takes it into his being. He holds his visions of you, thinks of you passionately, with warmth and openness, tenderly and beckons to you. He knows that you are a goddess of beauty and he calls out to you, summons you in his thoughts and consciously connects to you. A portal has opened for his connection to you and he is happy for this connection and mindful, grateful for the capacity to see into your soul and to connect to you and be with you if only in visions, dreams, and through meditation. He is relaxed, open and ready to continue to blend with the very essence of your soul and he sees you as a sage, a guide, a beautiful spirit of his past and one that he feels quite hopeful is part of his current reality and soon.

We see that Bill is reading the blog and he is consciously reading and absorbing what he is reading. We see that he prints the information and reads it repeatedly. He feels he has tried contacting you, that he has reached out to you, but that you are not responding on the physical plane, but this is not truth, this is clouded by his negative state and emotional and mental blocks of energy. He is low of energy. He is operating on a lower frequency of light. The soul needs desperately to rise to a higher consciousness and to have clear thinking to release doubt and all lower natures and fears of intimacy and fears of closeness, and to come forward without fear, to be persistent, to rise above this place, to keep his head in this situation and to contact you again. He is in need of connecting to truth that you have proven yourself faithful in many instances in this lifetime and others, and that you will be there for him no matter what. We see that he is afraid of losing you of being lost of being without you and he needs to know that you will not leave him as long as you live, and that you will not hurt him. He wants to explore you physically, mentally, and spiritually and to be with you to know that this is true, not something that he is imagining.

There is one who interferes, a female energy, one that is quite wounded, and causes wounds to those whom she touches, this one is negative, and is not one that helps the wounded like you, and this person is not acting on his behalf but on their own agenda. This female is of no concern but does bring negative energy around him. He needs to separate from her energy as it is causing interference.

End of Reading

Okay Bill – you need to try to contact me again. Not in code or telepathically – on the phone. Pick it up and call 330.264.9977 and I’ll answer. If I don’t answer than voice mail will pick up and I’m the only one who can listen to the messages. Leave me something – anything. I’m as desperate – as hungry – as you to have a physical meeting. So pick up the phone, call, and let’s meet so that we can get on with the work the Divine has entrusted to us. I know that in Sept you will be one hour – yes one stinkin hour away from me by plane. You call – and I’m there. It’s just that simple.

Lady who is causing negative energy. Please-please-please back off. If not for yourself – then do it because of your love for Bill. Do it because you know he wants to be happy – that he deserves to be happy. Do it for the people he can help – will help – once we are together. Just do it.

Everyone else who reads this blog – I need a big favor from you and from any healing circles you belong to. Can you please send Bill energy, light and love tonight and tomorrow? He needs to be lifted out of the darkness and into the light so that we can unite and do our work. I know that if you saw Bill on the street that you would not recognize him (as my Bill) but think of his name – reach out for his energy. Center in on his steel blue eyes. Center in on his wonderful, kind soul. Won’t you and your friends please help? I’m not good at asking for help and I’m even worse at begging. But I implore you to please help.

Bill – p
lease call.

Thank you!

Crystal Sunshine!

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