**I started this entry Monday Morning**

What a weekend! The wedding was a lot of fun. My son got down and boogied:) My great aunt Rose was the hit of the party – here she is with a walker – out there shaking her bootie with the rest of them. She even got in the middle of the dance circle a few times – lol! That woman is something else. My family always has a cookie table at our wedding receptions. This table was fabo at the wedding – so many cookies – so little time! And yes – I let loose, had some gin & tonic’s and got out there and danced. My son and I slow danced several times too – it as so cute. He was really trying to get the slow dancing down — he kept asking me – will the girls like it if we dance like this? Lord – some day I am in for sleepless nights!

I thought though that my mother was going to kill her cousin – he’s Republican and he and his wife like McCain & Palin. They just can’t understand why my mother (and of course her daughters) feel so strongly against that pairing. So after we told mom to calm down (we really didn’t want to disrupt the reception – but if push came to shove — well, you know..) so what did they switch to? The bail out of Wall Street. I’ll be honest – that bail out infuriates me to no end. So when the rich (who are supposed to know what they are doing with credit & money since they are well off) gets in trouble – here comes the taxpayers to bail their asses out. The same tax payers who are having a hard time making ends meet and can’t even afford health insurance. I/we have to save the rich guy. Who going to save me/us? Hummm??? My son’s grandchildren are going to be paying this off.

You know – why not spread the 700 billion among all of the taxpayers? We could pay off our debt, pay taxes on the money to fuel the gov’t and jump start the economy as well as the housing market.

Grrr…….you know – I’m not part of the mortgage mess – credit mess or any kind of original mess. I have tried so hard not to be – and it’s a struggle. But now – with my taxes bailing people/businesses out and the extra taxes, tolls and fees that will get tacked onto our/my day to day life – the increase in food, gas and utility costs – it is kicking my butt. NOW I’m affected. But since I’m not part of the original mess – there’s no help for me. And because I’m not considered dirt poor – I make too much to have any help at all. So much for middle America working hard, paying their dues and taking responsibility for their actions. I’m so irritated. But any ways…

I actually am in a good mood:) I’m in for a busy week – not exactly sure what will happen – but it’ll be busy. I’m hoping for some forward movement in any area of my life.

Speaking of movement, reminds me of the radio show I did last night. Had a good time:) They want me back once the OBE book is out.

From the previous line up – I wrote this morning. Since then the bailout was thumbs down.

My son mentioned on the way to school this morning that I’d hear something good about Dreamers today – and I did:) One of the powers that be likes it – and they and my people (I like saying that – lol) have to discuss a few things…..so you never know:)

My dream visits last night included Bill into the mix. He and I were looking through a photo album – looking back on our past lives. He told me that soon we’ll be able to add this life to our memories. I told him I was looking forward to it. He went off to grab a glass of water I think when Vincent showed up. He held out his hand for me to grab – but I told him that I as visiting Bill at the moment. He gave me one of those looks that said – but yeah, who are you going to be having sex with in the physical sense? That was logical to me so I grabbed his hand and off we went.

We were in a room with another person (no idea who this was) and he told me that he got the divorce process rolling. Not filing papers – but the pre stuff before hand. I told him that if that’s what he wants – then that’s good. He made a comment something like – I’ll show you what I want – and kissed me. Then I woke up.

This afternoon when I took a little nap (I was soooooo tired) I felt myself wanting to astral travel. I could hear Vincent coaxing me to him — and I kept telling the man that I had to get some sleep. We’ll meet tonight. He respected it and let me sleep for a spell. I’m sure that I will see him tonight.

Oh – the Crackberry is no longer. I still have it – but I canceled the service.

**Monday’s over – on to Tuesday to continue**

Before I forget to write this again -did you know that there is another pet food recall for dog food: http://www.fda.gov/oc/po/firmrecalls/marspetcare09_08.html I can’t remember seeing or reading this in the news.

And – I’m still not HOT (fire hot): please make me a hot mamma: http://www.startupnation.com/homebased100/contestant/1529/index.php

Brodie went back to the vet yesterday. He seems to be doing better – but still not fabo. So she put him on another week’s worth of meds. This weeks worth cost me $63!! For 14 stinking pills. Indy isn’t doing hot – she gave me more stuff for him – $$, Samantha (the cat) lost one of her fang teeth and is now getting an infection – so she has to go to the vet – $$$. And my son has to go back to the doctor’s today – $$. SIGH. I’m glad I’m healthy (knock on wood).

Speaking of Samantha (AKA Ninja cat) she went flying through the air last night – claws out like she was going to attack someone or something. There must have been an energy next to me:) After she went “through” it – she ran around the house like a cat on speed.

BTW – today is the last day of Sept and my son has gotten all green (that’s the good color) for his behavior and one yellow (not so bad). A dramatic improvement over last year. So today after his doctor’s appointment it’s out to buy him a new x-box game.

My ex called me last night and wanted to talk to me about divorce papers – copies, etc…..a convo where I could have been a major @itch – but I wasn’t. I was nice and helped him out. My son even thanked me for being nice – lol. Things in the ex’s life continue to go wrong – karma….I’m telling ya.

Will visited me last night during dream time. It was a great visit – laughing – talking about my son. We just meshed well, had that all over good feeling. He asked about Vincent – I told him that Vince was a good match – he agreed. He wasn’t happy about it – but he agreed. Plus he said that Vincent and I will treat one another as we should have been treated all along (with past partners). I told him to to worry – he’ll still be invited to all of my son’s milestones – that put a smile on his face. He’s part of my “family” whether he likes it or not. Will then went on to tell me that I’ll run into Vincent where I’ll least expect it. It won’t be in an obvious place – not even in an obvious city. I’ll look – and he’ll be right there staring at me. Will warned me that when it happens to take a deep breath – smile – and walk over to him – he’ll know exactly who I am. I told Will – okay. I also mentioned that I was really looking forward to seeing him again – he mentioned that he’s looking forward to seeing me too.

The dream visit with Vincent – we were in my hotel room. It was morning – after a night of some hot passionate fun – when I reached over, he wasn’t there. I called his name – not there. I thought he had just left – and man was a bummed. So I hugged the pillow he had been sleeping on and just laid there in bed. Then I heard a click of the door – the door opening and there’s Vincent. He has flowers in hand, coffee and bagels in the other. He said he tho
ught I’d be hungry when I woke up. I was tickled that someone would do something that thoughtful.

BTW – I’m going to be doing Vincent ramblings #2. Andrew said it was important to do so….

Time to get ready to pickup the kid from school and take him to the doctor’s!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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