Bill, Will And The Next Step

Bill, Will And The Next Step

I have work up to my eyeballs and I’m having a heck of a time trying to get to it. Being sick and having my son home an extra two days really put me behind – plus whatever kind of germs I’m fighting now has me up at night so I’m not sleeping well. Grrrr….

But when I am getting stuff done, I have to be careful that Will or Bill do not invade my thoughts and take me out of work mode. They both have been bothering me to have a session, although I’m not sure if they both want to talk to me about something together or if they want to chat separately. I guess the only way of knowing is to dive in and find out – right?

Have wand will travel….

I am in what appears to be our meadow, although as soon as I notice my surroundings they all seem to disappear. To my right is Will. He gets up and gives me a kiss. Says he’s been worried about me since we took our trip back through some of our past lives. He can tell that I haven’t been sleeping very well and seem agitated. I told him that while what I saw was disturbing on that trip, it isn’t the cause of my sleepless nights. He asks if I knew what it was – and I told him it has to be whatever illness I’m fighting. He says that the illness isn’t the root of my problem but a symptom. Once I feel better emotionally and spirituality, the illness will go away. I ask him how to I do that? He says that we’re all waiting for me. That we’re at a standstill until I make a few modifications to my life.

Modifications? Like what? That is when Bill comes in from my left and the two men embrace in a hello hug and then Bill comes over to me and greets me with a kiss. Bill chimes in that it is time for me to make some changes. Like what is what I want to know. He replies – us three are single – you’re not. So you’re telling me that I have to get a divorce? And Will chimes in — and finish your last book. Bill agrees – yes, you have to finish the book first and then get a divorce. You need to be financially stable first before you are single. I’m aware of this I say – but what does me being single have anything to do with the next step?

Bill says – it’ll make the next step easier. Easier? For who? For you two and Ted? Will shakes his head — no, for you – it will help you not worry so much about karma. Well hell guys, why don’t you fill me in on what this next step is? I mean, if I have to be prepared and all and you seem to know what’s going on – throw me some news.

Can’t do that – Will says.

Of course you can’t! Because if you did than I won’t do this…and that will have a baring on that and yadda…yadda….

Bill comes up to me – I know that this is very frustrating for you, but think about it. If you would have known about Will this time last year would there have been things that you would have skipped over? I think about it — I’m not sure. I wasn’t given the chance to find out.

Keep in mind that not everything is how it seems – Will says. At your home, there are many things that are going on behind the scenes that you do not know about. Should I know about them? Both men shake their heads – no – it’s too distracting and will lead me down the wrong path out of anger.

So you want me to finish my book, and then divorce my husband – correct? Well, yes and no — because you have to earn more money first – says Bill.

You two are giving me such a headache. Where’s Ted, why isn’t he here?

The guys look at one another. Will clears his throat and replies – he isn’t feeling too good right now. I look at Bill – is he sick? Is it the cancer? What’s wrong with him? Bill says – depression – he’s so deep in the hole of despair that it’s hard to reach him. Will jumps in – he’s waiting for you. Bill nods in agreement – he knows about you, consciously, but is very depressed as he doesn’t know how to go about finding you in real life. Well, he knows where you are – but he doesn’t want to approach you. Seeing that you are married and all. So he waits. And the longer he waits, the more alone he feels….

Oh this is insane, I reply. And I’ve had about enough of you two and your advice. Thanks for stressing me out even more – appreciate it. This session is now over.

And that was that.

So what do I think about what they said? I don’t know what to think — it’s not like I’m sleeping well now as it is! I do know for a fact that the last book needs it’s final touches and just needs to be done. I keep running up against roadblocks in regards to my readings, classes and workshops – so I’m thinking that isn’t where my focus needs to be — it needs to be on my writing instead. I don’t know — this whole life thing is such a learning experience. But I sure would like a cheat sheet now and again!

Time for some coffee!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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