Bill, Vincent And Someone New!

Bill, Vincent And Someone New!

Interesting turn of events the last 48 hours. No – none of my scripts have been bought. But I did meet someone. This past Wednesday when I was on the Maria Show show – she had mention that for the next ten days was an excellent time for Taurus’s to meet someone new or to progress with anyone whom they already met. Well I met a man online back in October. He knew basically what I did for a living – but not all of it. Over the last two days, he has been well versed in what I do and has spent a lot of time reading both this blog and the OBE sex one. And he hasn’t run away. In fact, his curiosity is peaked. So we’ll see what happens. It’s just nice to finally meet someone who I’m attracted to and they “get” me. I honestly believe that this has never happened. But any ways – I was rather surprised at how easy it was to roll with the conversation once I lowered my defenses. Wouldn’t you know it – he’s a Scorpio – the sex sign of the zodiac. How fitting is that? He’s also very creative and has a host of psychic/healing gifts that he hasn’t uncovered yet. And no – he doesn’t live here in Wooster (what were you thinking – seriously) but he is in Ohio.

I tried an OBE sex experiment on him and he reciprocated later on. I of course, I chatted about it in the OBE blog. It’s also very nice to have found someone who can give me almost instant feedback on OBE sex techniques.

Also – Bill popped back up in dream time. I had expected Ted. In fact – I remember a glimpse of him last night – but that’s it. Bill though, his dream visit is very vivid. We, of course, were in a crowded place. But this time the crowd was off to the right. Bill sat at a table with a young boy – both had tears in their eyes, but didn’t cry. I could hear off in the distance that they were talking about Bill’s mom and she had just passed away (in the waking world she is very much alive). His blood shot blue eyes could of burned a hole through me – he looked at me with such an intensity.

He suddenly gets up from the table, takes his shirt off, and starts to throw things into a tall moving carton. Back and forth he goes from a pile to the box – just throwing things in. I walk up to him and tell him he’ll be okay. I’m behind him, grab him by the shoulders and massage his shoulders and upper back. He is so tense – he allows me to do this for only a few minutes and says he has to get back to work. So there he goes again, throwing more stuff into that box. I’m trying to talk to him, but he won’t listen. He’s all wound up and rambling to himself.

Finally he stops – looks at me and said: I believe you — about our connection. I just stared at him. He grabbed me, hugged me tight and said: I’m sorry it took me so long.

That dream visit stopped and I shifted to Vincent. He was on a bus, it was the middle of the night in NYC and he was eating spagettios straight from the can. I asked him why doesn’t he get something better to eat – he can afford it. He replied that he doesn’t have time. He’s needed and he has to go. I asked him when was the last time he has a decent nights sleep. He shrugged. It doesn’t matter – he said – I can’t do what I want to do. But why not – I asked. Because too many people depend on me – he replied. I watched him get off at the next stopped. He looked so tired – like I’ve been just bone tired.

Over the weekend I have to work on a treatment for a reality spiritual show that my manager and I have been tossing around. It was mentioned in passing to someone now they would like to see a document with the idea on it. We’ll see – it’s a good idea if I do say so myself. So the OBE sex book will get pushed again if I can’t finish the treatment today.

Back to work!

Have a good weekend!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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