Hi Everyone!

I didn’t forget – Bill turned 51 on October 20th! I thought about him for most of the that day. He is still such a sex – sexy man. Good thing I have an eternity to meet up with him. Until then we’ll keep meeting up in the dream state. When he’s in the US we dream visit nightly. If he’s traveling around the globe (which is what he usually does) we still connect during the day. The connections are brief – just like a “Hey, how ya doing? Miss you. Ciao.” But I’ll take what I can get.

I know – it’s been awhile since I posted anything. Sorry about that. But I did warn you that while classes are going on my postings would dwindle off – there just isn’t enough time in the day for it all. Especially since now I’ve been allowed to be a part of a research team. Granted – I’m just an assistant and get to do all the low level stuff – but it looks good on my grad school application.
College is going fine — homeschool with my son is a challenge, but we’re getting there. If he would just realize that writing things is a needed skill in life. Not everything mind you – but you do have to use a pen/pencil to paper – probably daily. Until then he spends a lot of time being grounded and I’m stressed far more than I should be.

Brodie isn’t doing very well. If you all could send him healing light – I would (and so would he) appreciate it. The tumor hasn’t made his nose malformed yet. But he has a hell of a time trying to breathe and his nose bleeds are horrible. Hard to believe it’s been a year since Indy passed away. Man I miss that dog – so does Brodie.

Brodie – more than money – is the reason I’m not doing Maria’s Cosmic Convention next weekend. I refuse to be gone when Brodie dies. I still feel horrible about Indy passing away in that vet office without me there. I just can’t let it happen again. So for all of you who are going to the Cosmic Convention – I’m sorry I won’t see you. I hope to be able to go in May – as long as it jives with my finals schedule.

The Universal Light Expo was great. I met a lot of new people, saw many familiar faces. A few people came down from MI (and who I usually see at Maria’s fairs) to see the expo – stopped by to say hi. It was fabo to see them all. I had a family from Romania (who lives in Cleveland) stop by. They drove down specifically to see me. That was really nice of them. I sold a lot of books – did many readings – a very good weekend in all.

BTW – for all of you who have emailed or called to see how I’m doing because I haven’t posted in a while or did a podcast – your thoughts and concerns were/are very appreciated!

The last several months I’ve had my feelings really hurt by a couple of people who I thought were my friends. One person I told everything to – everything – and that is not a easy thing for me to do. I’m usually very guarded and tell people & my friends only the parts that I know they’d want to hear or that they can grasp (if that makes sense). So very few people have ever known all of me – in fact – I can count on one hand how many (with fingers left over). Everyone of these people ended up stabbing me in the back one way or the other. It sucks. But since I’m in a 9 Personal Year – those people, places and things that are not in my highest good drift away. So in a way it’s good. But it still sucks. Sucks even more that I miss them. But I don’t allow myself a lot of “missing” time. That heart chakra of mine just keeps getting stepped on. Sheesh. I want it opened up and accepting – not closed off and defensive. Onward and upward!

Love life is still zero. I haven’t found anyone that even peeks my interest a bit. Had a neighbor that did – but he moved and we could never find time to connect.

I stopped screenwriting. My heart just isn’t in it any longer. I’m tired of my ideas sucking or my writing being less than desirable. Eventually I’ll work on The Black Triangle again – because I know I have to – it’s a Destiny Marker for me.

Of course Will was a Destiny Marker for me (and I for him) and we saw how well that worked out. Like with Bill – Will and I have eternity. But I would like to cross some things off my list.

Even though I’m not posting here in the blog or doing podcasts often – that doesn’t mean I’m not doing readings. I’ve allotted myself time every week just for that. So please keep me in mind for your reading needs:)

I’ve had many people ask my opinion on 2012. What do I think will happen? My personal opinion is don’t believe all the hype. The hype – as in the world is coming to an end. Granted someday it will – but not for a very long time. What I think will happen is a shift in consciousness. Instead of being more greed, material – earth bound based — it’ll be more spiritual, love, accepting based. I also feel at this time, what crystal skulls haven’t already been awoken – will wake up. The skulls will help the shift.

On a completely separate adult note: when I stopped my sex radio show & podcast – I took down the adult store that went with them. Well, I just revamped it making it better than ever with a lot of products: http://www.thepassionzone.com/ I have no idea it’s you if you buy. So no worries!

I just remembered the other night – when I lost my site Gypsy Girl Press, I lost the years of data that I saved in regards to Bill and Ted – mainly Bill. All gone. I had saved it all on the GGP server thinking it would be safe. SIGH. If we were ever to sit down and talk – I don’t have any notes/dates to compare to him.

I had two readings at the ULE – both psychics picked up on Vincent. Oh yes they did. If (though his free will) he’s going to show up in my life at all during this lifetime – it’ll be before the end of this year. It was amazing how they both described him to a “T”. I’m always open to the possibilities.

Vincent did visit me the other night for a fun dream visit! I wrote about it in the OBE blog.

Better get going. Need to do a few readings, my podcast, laundry, write a paper and carve some pumpkins!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 😉

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