I’m writing, minding my own business when the images of Nick and Frank from the 1920’s pop into my head. The feel I have had is that Bill is Frank and Ted is Nick. But with the image I just had of the two switching places – the more that I realize that Bill is Nick and Ted is Frank. Over the last week, when I have described this past life to others, Bill as Nick kept popping up. The energies of the two are so closely netted together that even I have a hard time telling them apart.

If this is true – Bill is Nick. Then I was with Ted/Frank and he killed his brother Bill/Nick – not the other way around. So by force, Ted/Frank did have me as his mate. Although I do not feel it was by force in the beginning. As his ego and greed for status and power grew, so did his strangle hold on me (Sheila) which is why I ended up in Nick’s bed.

I really need someone to guide me back to this past life so that I can sort things out. It would be even better if either Bill or Ted were in the same room – observing the session.

I had to get that out. Back to work I go!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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