Bill, Ted, Larry and My Poetic Muse!

Bill, Ted, Larry and My Poetic Muse!

So I tell myself – seal them off. It’s a good idea — who needs the drain anyways…right? Well I’ll be damned if Bill isn’t trying to make his presence known all of a sudden. I mean, what the @uck? Ted – no where to be found. That’s fine. I wish Bill would just either join him in the retreat or get on with it all ready and make that %$#@ call.

If feels strange not having Robert around. I keep trying to “jingle” him – but I keep getting the “you’re onto the next level” message. (SIGH). You know what I’m thinking? That his job was not only to get me to keep writing the books – but to also bring Larry into my consciousness. As soon as book 1 went into print, Larry arrived. When Larry arrived – Robert said that his job is done. Have you heard the song “Forever” by Vertical Horizon? It brings Larry to mind and an immediate smile to my face. This man just makes me smile. I’m really looking forward to the day where he and I can chat. I can’t bring forth any past lives but for a glimpse of one.

In this life I can see a castle (what is it with me and castles?) I have a sense that it is in Ireland. We were a king/queen and I was pregnant. There is a storming of the castle – by his brother or uncle? He wants me to go but I refuse to leave his side. Then I can see us going through a very dark, cold and spooky underground passage to try to get to safety – him, I and his advisor. The last thing I can grasp (not sure if it is this life or another) is he is sick – in my arms. We both die at the same time. Our spirits are standing by the bed when our son and daughter burst in.

I don’t know — I really don’t. I hear ya — I need another regression. Boy, do I!

I’m working my tush off on this rewrite of “The Black Triangle”. It’s really good. That sounds rather egotistic, doesn’t it? But it is pretty good. I have to keep pushing me to get the script done so that I can write the novel. Working on book 3 in the Gypsy Magic series – ironing out the bumps in the previous two books. Publishing certainly has been a learning experience. I’m considering taking on two books that I didn’t write: one is from a doctor who forcefully served the Nazi’s in WWII in a concentration camp, the other is about the gypsy race in Europe today and how they are discriminated against.

Where am I to find the time? I’ll figure something out — I always do.

Yesterday I kept seeing the numbers 888 and 222. To a point it was driving me nuts! So I thought about what could they be telling me and came to these conclusions:

222 – Keep my faith. All will be fine and things are resolving themselves behind the scenes. Breathe.
888 – The universe is a constant flow of prosperity and abundance. I have stepped into the path and financial rewards will be mine now and in the future.

Both explanations work for me.

The poetic muse caught me:

Beneath the frame
Is a soul that beats
With the eternal rhythm
Of our soulful connection.


One heart beat
Is what it took to find you.

One heart beat
Is all it took to recognize you.

One heart beat
Is the time it took to love you.

One heart beat
Is all it took to lose you.

Eternal heart beats,
Is what I will use to win you back.


I feel a nudge to get back to work. So I’m going to do just that……

Have a great weekend!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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