Bill, Ted, Larry and Erotica!

Bill, Ted, Larry and Erotica!

I hadn’t planned on writing today – got a boat load of stuff to do in a very small window of time. But as you know my guides — they’re giving me the nudge to write anyways.

So what to write about? Bill. Yes Bill. Surprisingly enough, he’s around but on the outskirts. Like when a 4 year old is to shy to approach someone so they peak out every once and again from around the corner to see what you’re up to. He’s like that. Here – but not here. I’m not positive if it is annoying or comforting. Quite possibly a combination of the two. For a brief time during the afternoon, I could feel the intensity of his emotions – the soul’s longing to connect. I keep having to remind myself – I’m the beacon of light – don’t let myself get dragged down to the emotional mess he is in — I need to be the strong one so that he can see his way clear.

Ted’s emotions are starting to gather strength and speed. They are getting hotly intense in the way that he is tired of screwing around with this – he feels that Bill has been wasting time and in turn he, Ted, is being short-changed. I can’t feel that Ted is going to hang back much longer and let Bill take his good ole time.

Now Larry on the other hand is sitting back, arms folded, foot up on the other knee, dark sun glasses on and just shaking his head back and forth. I can hear him say “Get a grip guys, it’s about time you were toilet trained”.

I’m thinking that he’s getting impatient too – which I find funny in the way that he doesn’t personally know Bill or Ted. So this attitude is based on a intuitive feel or hunch. Then again – I am assuming that they do not know one another. I can’t ever feel a personal meet in this life. But one doesn’t really know unless one asks — right?

Late this afternoon, I received an email from Cindy about the meditation session the other day – she gave me her perspective. I was only going to put part of it — but then I’ll be dammed if Robert didn’t come by and tell me — all of it! Dang that guide. He says he isn’t here but then he pulls a whammy on me. So much for trying to go back to my comfort zone. So here’s Cindy’s $02 in its entirety:

“I am getting that you will have prominence and wealth in the near future and you are ready to utilize your full potential and success is right within your reach. You have a passionate desire to transform your work, spiritual work as well as otherwise and something old is passing and something new is entering into your life as a result, bringing transformation, illumination and enlightenment. Your internal fire is creating inner transformation giving you drive and motivation to accomplish anything you desire.

Bill is becoming more calm, advancing towards you at a slow and steady pace. He is gaining knowledge, information and wisdom right now. He is recognizing that he has had one-sided thinking and looking at things, has been denouncing any responsibility in his actions and putting forth as little effort as possible.

He feels he needs to acquire some more information or knowledge before he contacts you. The two of you will have a favorable connection in the near future experiencing much happiness and find faithfulness in love, having domestic and physical comfort, in a grounded relationship. There is much success between you, material gains and wealth. He feels that time is running out for him and that he is approaching or exceeding the deadline for his decision to contact you. He knows that he, not Ted, should make the contact.

He wants to make a fresh start in life. He has desire to express himself through art and writing right now. He feels overwhelmed by stress and responsibilities.

He feels he needs to take time out to contemplate the situation before proceeding, though he also recognizes that he needs to be open to taking and accepting Ted’s advice.

Ted is overflowing with excitement and ideas, his mind is constantly thinking about you. He wants to move from the awareness level of you to the physical level if you will. He wants you to be more accessible to him, he wants to explore and learn more about you, to discover more about you.

He is receptive and open to you, and he wants to move towards your light. He is not happy that opportunities to connect to you have been denied and are not available to him and he feels he is missing valuable time. He feels that Bill is deviating too far from the original plan and goal.

Whatever the conversation Larry was having, experiencing, it came as unusual or bizarre and evoked strong feelings and reactions. I am getting that he is somewhat accused or something, perhaps of not minding his own business and butting into other’s affairs. I want to say this is something to do with Bill.”

So there you have it — I guess that I was right on with what I was sensing. Could it be that something good and positive is heading my way?? Ohhhh….it’s been so long since I could say something really good happened (my son and meeting Dirk Benedict when I was 11 are the only really two items I would stick into good – although seeing Bill last year was super sweet if not emotionally draining) that it may throw me a curve ball when it does happen. I’ll probably pinch myself to make sure I’m awake – LOL!

EROTICA – noun: Creative activity (writing or pictures or films etc.) of no literary or artistic value other than to stimulate sexual desire.

Not to be confused with porn or smut (although I did say smut in a previous post – which I was wrong) – there’s a fine line. It’s to tease without being vulgar. I do have to argue too that there is literary value – it’s all in the presentation.

Oh, and did I mention that the business focus is on women? This will be an adventure – that’s for sure! I love that my creativity allows me to work in so many different venues.

God – I want to go to New Zealand so bad I can taste it. I can’t describe the intense urgency for me to hop on a plane and just go. Now if I only had the money – and a reason — I’ve got the passport:)

For not having a lot to say – I sure did write enough!

Okay off to write a bit more and then heading to dream-land!

Hope the luck of the Irish smiled down upon you today!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 😉

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