Bill, Ted And Dream Visits!

Bill, Ted And Dream Visits!

Last night I was honored to have dreams visits with both Bill and Ted at separate times. As the years have gone by, there has been a progression in the dream visits.

Before I realized who Bill and Ted were in relation to me (pre 2002) the dream visits were always full of conversation, travel and sometimes sex. Dream sex with them was always an afterthought. The main purpose of the dreams was just to be together.

Then enter 2002 and me figuring out Bill, 2003 – Ted. as soon as the connection was understood, the visits went to me and them in the same room or area, but never in the same place and we were always in a group of people.

From them to now, the dream visits have been getting progressively friendly – closer. The crowds have been getting smaller. The time spend talking has increased. Last night for instance, with Ted – he and I were sitting at a friend’s house – there were people there, but only a handful. He and I were sitting on a couch talking, flirting and laughing. The energy was so good – so inviting – uplifting and loving. His dream visit was actually the last one of the night and it kept me in bed till 8:30 am (usually always up at 6 am, even on days I do not have to be). I woke up with a big grin on my face.

Bill’s dream visit was right before Ted’s visit. Here it was just Bill and I and we were having dinner at either his house or my house. It was close, intimate and flirtatious. The sexual tension was high, but nothing at all happened. He smiled practically the whole dream and rarely took his eyes off of me. His hand did keep holding my hand. When I’d pull it away, he’d slide and take it back. I wouldn’t even notice that he had my hand until I needed it. It was a very sensual, love-filled dream.

I always feel so blessed to have these two in my soul cluster. Now tonight, fingers crossed, I’ll get a visit from Will!

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