Bill, Ted, Day Dreams and Atlantis!

Bill, Ted, Day Dreams and Atlantis!

I’m chilling out with the kid today — he’s off until Monday and it’s nice to just hang and play X-Box with him. I’m not taking it easy all day – I am working:) But the chill factor is mighty high. Tomorrow will be a day of fun and way too much food over at mom’s house. This year I’m in charge of the sweet potatoes…yummy! Looking forward to giving thanks and eating some good stuff!

Speaking of food – besides the other day with the frozen chicken fingers and fries – I actually cooked. And when I mean cook – I mean not opening a box of something, adding a thing or two to it, and then eating. I mean actually cooking – like I used to do before the divorce. I forgot how much I liked to cook. My son asked if I could do this more often and I assured him I would.

The dreams I’ve been having the last two nights have been rather funky like. Last night I had one of the hotel dreams – but it was not a nice hotel. Or it might of been, but they didn’t clean my room. In the dream I walked into my hotel room and saw that it was a mess. In the back portion of the room was a closet and to the side of the closet was another door. Through that door was the housekeepers room. The housekeepers where actually storing their sweepers in the closet of my room. I opened up and yelled in to someone if they could come clean my room. A woman peeked into my room – murmured something under her breath and said right away. I couldn’t get over the mess here – it had two double beds (one for me and one for my son) that were in shambles – there was cereal (I think corn puffs) all over our floor – the toilet wasn’t cleaned….it looked as if someone had a party while my son and I wasn’t there.

The dream then shifted to me running into an old high school boyfriend. Jim was in my dream the night before too. In the previous night’s dream, I ran first into a guy I kind of knew from high school named Mike. Next to him was Jim. I told them – Hi – I’m Allie and we’re friends on Facebook. Jim walked off – Mike grabbed my hand to shake it and my left hand went to hit him on the side of his leg (I have no idea why) but he moved and I hit his butt. He asked me if I was trying to smack his butt – I assured him no I wasn’t. Then we talked about his wife and how they were high school sweethearts and then were still married – yadda. I went off in search of Jim and he was talking with my father – they acted like they were old friends. Jim just said hi to me and left.

Which brings us to last night after the hotel dream. Jim shows up and I tell him – guess what I had a dream about you last night and I proceeded to tell him about it. He said something like – you are beautiful – and then hugged me. He asked me out to dinner — I noticed he was wearing a wedding ring — so I told him sure , but it would be dinner only. And I stressed that point – only dinner, don’t expect anything else. Then I woke up.

I think it’s strange that he was in my dreams 2 nights in a row when I haven’t thought about him in about 20 years. There’s a reason, I just don’t know what it is yet!

I’ve been purposely setting aside each day to just day dream. During these day dreams, it’s almost like it was when I would go into meditation and into a session with Tracey or one of my guides. But with just day dreaming I can retain more information. Normally, as I enter a day dream, it looks like someone turns on a flat screen TV – everything in the picture has a vibrant color to it – I then step through the TV into whatever picture is there. Sometimes though instead of a TV there, I’m in the middle for the woods with a river flowing in front of me. I jump into the river and see where it takes me. At times I try to swim against the current – but that always tires me out. If I try that – when I’m done with the day dreaming I reflect upon what images I saw and then combine it with that tired feeling of swimming upstream. This way I figure out what I’ve been fighting against and I let it go.

Earlier today when I had my day dream, I jumped into the river and went with the flow. This time though it took me right over a falls. I almost pulled myself out of the day dream because the falling sensation was so real. When I hit the bottom, I went under and saw a cave a short distance away. When I swam into it – I swam right into Atlantis. I pulled myself out of the water and there was Bill and Ted. Just sitting there. Bill smiled and said – it’s about time. Ted chimes in – do you think we have all bloody day? Smart asses they are!

Bill said – we got off task – we went our separate ways and stopped searching for the way into Atlantis from our world. I told Bill that we need the leather bound book – the one that has been in tons of our night time dream visits. He said – right – but we have to do something that will start us in the right direction. I told him that he needed to go to Peru. He asked why. I told him that I don’t know – but he is to go there in person, in the physical. There you find some sort of clue in an old odds and ends shop. That clue will remind you of me in the physical reality, then you and I will meet up.

Well, what in the hell am I supposed to do – asked Ted? Get divorced – I said. Can you imagine what your greedy wife would do if you found Atlantis? Bill said – what if the world isn’t ready for Atlantis. My reply – the ones who need to be ready will be.

Did you find the skull yet – Bill asked? Ahhh – no skull has been found – I would have called for you sooner if it had. Mexico Ted said – it’s in Mexico.

This is when Robert showed up – she has no time to be running around looking for a skull. She has to focus. You’re not going to let her focus.

Bill stood right in front of Robert – nose to nose almost – you’re not separating us again. We have to do this – you know we do.

I never said you didn’t – Robert said – but she has to focus in on what she is currently working on. Then she can run off and play Tomb Raider. Robert turned and looked me and said: get back to work.

And I was forced out of the day dream with a jolt. Sheesh.

I asked Andrew why didn’t he show up and help out. He shook his head – not my battle. My job is your love life – which will go well if you let it. What’s that supposed to mean – I asked? That the only one who will stand in your way of happiness is you – so don’t allow yourself to close off again – you’ve been doing well, keep it up.

Okay Andrew — Okay Robert…..

And on that note – I’m outta here.

Have a great Thanksgiving and remember to be thankful for what you have, not pissed at what you don’t have!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 😉

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