Today’s appearance went great on! I was on around 9:15 am EST and stayed on until 9:40 am or so. We chatted about astral sex — had a fun time and I do like discussing things with Maria, Matt and Joe. If you missed my radio appearance, it will be on again this evening from 9:15 pm – 9:40 pm EST.

I’ve spent most of my day writing – writing – writing the OBE sex book — and my Ask Allie column. Tonight I hope to get to the next draft of DREAMERS. Every draft gets better than the last. Maybe with this one I’ll almost be there…

Bill, Ted and Will have all been hovering close lately. Will closer than the other two. I find it odd. Not sure why I find it odd – but I do. Maybe because I haven’t felt all 3 of them this close in a very long time. Not since that day when Bill & Ted said bye – that they were stepping back until Will and I had a chance to meet. Okay – duh moment. Will and I did meet – and these two come back. So now what? Will and I are not together – so why group together now? What’s the purpose to close in rank (so to speak)? None of them really say anything or have a whole lot of interaction – they’re just there.

I can feel another shift coming – but I have no clue at what it’s in. Could be Will – could be my career. I can honestly say I’m in the dark about the “what” – I just know it’ll happen. But I want someone to shine a big ole flashlight on the “what”. Oh well — time will tell as usual, won’t it?

Will’s has been connecting to me telepathically – but they are short connections. Almost as if he is trying to connect during a break and that we are in different time zones. Every time he connects though – he smiles. Which, of course, makes me smile. I love his grin.

Too bad I won’t have the chance to do any retreats this year. Remember last year when I mentioned I wanted to do a couple of workshops/retreats of my own (meaning I host it and people show up) – doesn’t look like it’s going to happen. But then again – it’s only April.

Have a good evening!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 😉

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