Bill, Ted and Some Future Visions?

Bill, Ted and Some Future Visions?

I sat with my wand and Astrophylite and Garnet sphere. I love the way the sphere feels in my hands. It’s such an energized, lively spirit!

I first get a glimpse of Bill at a party. He’s dressed in a dark gray jacket & pants with a blue shirt. He has a big smile on his face.

Then I’m standing on the beach – looking out over the green/blue water. It’s peaceful. I can smell the ocean and feel the cool breeze on my face. The white sand is remarkably cool under my feet.

I see Bill to my left. He is all smiles – comes up and gives me a great big ole hug and kiss. He looks refreshed, happy and alive. He has a special glow to him. I tell him he looks good. He says I look better:) I told him that I saw a picture of him and Ted from the other night – that they looked happy. He says it was great to see him – it’s been too long. Said that Ted will be in town soon. I tell him that I should go. He’s surprised. I comment that he’s been bitching about me coming out to find him – so why not?

He gives me a kiss and says he can’t wait to see me. I asked if he would like to kiss me in the physical realm – he smiles and says that he would like to do more than just kiss (as he bites at my neck). I tell him then to quit screwing around and get his butt into gear.

Ted shows up behind me and wraps his arms around me. He asks – what butt into gear? Bill comments that I said I’m going to show up and see him. Ted smiles and says – really? I tell him ya – so leave the ball and chain back across the pond. He laughs and says – alright then.

I asked them both if they talked about me the other night. They both says yes – they talked about the brown-eyed beauty that they cannot get out of their mind.

With that, Archangel Gabriel shows up and extends her hand. I wave bye to the guys and take it. I then see flashes of:

–Bill and I rolling around on my son’s bottom bed (he has a bunk bed) and me saying it feels weird to be kissing in my kid’s room.

–Bill and I at the local Wal-Mart shopping

–Bill, Ted and I on my deck cooking out

–Bill, Ted and I on the beach – kicking back and discussing a movie.

Then I wake up.

Each flash of vision was odd because I could hear the commotion of others at Wal-Mart, could smell what we were grilling, could again feel and smell the ocean (but this time the water was not blue/green – damn – no island vacation).

I decide to go work out today. First time in about 2 months. Ouch! Man do I hurt. Serves me right though for putting it off!

My son wakes up at 1:00 am. Says he feels better (had the sniffles yesterday) and proceeds to play his Leapster. At 4:00 am the kid is still up. I tried to fall asleep – but my dreams were very active. Unfortunately I don’t remember them. I woke up after each REM cycle. My brain kept trying to process information – but was failing to grasp whatever situations were playing out in dreamtime.

Best get back to work!

Until later…

Crystal Sunshine!

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