Bill, Ted And Odd Happenings!

Bill, Ted And Odd Happenings!

You know how I always say, Bill’s gone — been gone for awhile and that’s the way he likes it? As soon as I write that – he comes back. He’s here – not very strong or commanding, but here enough so that I know he’s “here”. I was working this morning and I felt a cold chill go right up my spine- didn’t think much about it since it’s the norm for me – but this chill was persistent. So I got up and walked around, didn’t see anything. Then I went into my room and got a very loud ringing in my left ear. That is when I about ran into Bill’s astral projection. He was standing by my bed as if he was looking down for me. When he turned and saw me, he was gone in a flash — although his blue eyes lingered for a moment and were the last to disappear. I turned to go back into my office (right next to my bed room) and I had a flash vision of Bill grabbing both of my upper arms. I asked him – what is he doing? He replied — I have to let you know I’m here. And that was that.

Now the rest of the day thus far has been a bit odd. My phone keeps going off, the computer keeps making a noise. Off to my left I keep seeing flashes of blue and red light. Almost like they are little light balls. To my right – flashes of silver and white light. I feel like it’s the 4th of July!

I’ve been getting subconscious distress calls for health issues. I can hear them before the person actually tells me about it (if they even do). Everyone around me is dealing with something. I feel on health kick overload. But as we know – there’s a reason why I have this knowledge. I’m trying to put it to good use:)

Just had a flash of Ted and I at a Better Than Ezra concert with my two sisters. Funny……

To help push me along with the other two gypsy books – I got a call today from the printers, wondering how soon I will get them the books:) I’m like, alright already!! I get it – I get it! Starting next week I am on a book push! I already have my one sister scheduled for two days to come here and read my handwriting to put the formulas into the computer so I can send it to the other sister to format.

As I fell asleep last night, I asked to see more on the Star Gate/Priestess blurb I received the other day. What I remember is a flash of brilliant white light and weightlessness. I don’t have a clue what all that means –yet.

Oh – I forgot to tell you that I’m getting a PLR this weekend at the workshop. Well, not during the workshop, but one of the evenings after…….what life to do…what life to do….I think since the last PLR I had focused on Bill that this should be Ted. Don’t know – still have a few days to think about it!

Better run and get back to work!

Crystal Sunshine!

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