Bill, Ted And OBE Sex!

Bill, Ted And OBE Sex!

Today’s session has left me feeling very light-headed and dizzy. I sat with my healing wand and without the 3 crystals around me. I was taken to a soft, fluffy mattress. I was lying on my side when I heard someone approach me. I looked over and it was Bill. He had a crazed look in his eyes – it was very odd. He kneeled down on the mattress and said – I don’t know what to do? I replied – do about what? You – he said. Me? Why is there a problem with me? Because you are so dark – there is a black nugget deep within you and I cannot reach it. You will not let it go. Everytime I try to help you put a wall up and it is frustrating. He jumped up and paced — I don’t know how to get to you.

You’re going to choose him – aren’t you? He’s really pacing now – back and forth – running his fingers through his hair. What are you talking about? Choose who? Ted – he has you. Ted stepped out from somewhere and said – yes, she’s mine. You had your chance and you blew it. She was right there mate – right there next to you and you blew it.

I can’t get to her – Bill said. I can’t get rid of the darkness — it has to go – all the darkness. Ted replied – I’m helping her with that – my love for her will help set the darkness free, it will free the ties that binds her.

But why can’t I find her? Bill cried.

I can sense Tracey off to the side – just out of our realm of sight.

I’m right here! I yelled. Quit talking like I’m not here.

I can feel Will try to make his way to me. But Bill and Ted’s combined energies push him back. Will doesn’t give up though – he kept trying.

Let Will in – I said.

Both men – no!

I’m not choosing, no one is getting me and no one is losing me — we’ve covered this ground before.

But you’d said you’d marry me – Ted said.

What! Bill yelled.

He asked me first Bill. He doesn’t sit around over thinking this whole damn thing and trying to come up with a logical solution. This isn’t logical – us 3 – we’re eternal and spiritual — not logical. And besides – Ted is always there. He is always wiling to comfort me. He’s not scared, he’s not put of by the unknown. He’s there – his energy is around me all the time. And where have you been? Holding back trying to figure things out as usual. I cannot believe after all this time we’re covering this again!

Bill and Ted start into one another – and that is when my guide – Ethan – grabs me and pulls me to the beach. I told him thanks for getting me out of there. He said that they will cool down and realize that they are being children. But Bill is really worried that he cannot find you – this haunts him. Well it’s not like I haven’t given him enough to go on.

I pulled you away from them because you and I need to talk about your plans on OBE sex. What about them? I asked. You need to get that web page up and start collecting stories to post and to put in the book. What about another blog – should I have one about OBE sex only? Yes you should. What should I call it? It doesn’t matter as long as you have sex in the title somewhere. You need to be graphic in your experiences – this is not the place to hold back because you are worried about what someone will think. You have to have faith that this is what you are supposed to do and go for it full force.

Okay — I will. And one more thing – Ethan added – put your astral class on that page too somewhere. Okay — I’ll try. This isn’t a dress rehearsal and this isn’t a time for trying. Just do what you need to do.

And he was gone….and I was done.

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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