Bill, Ted And I — It's Time

Bill, Ted And I — It's Time

I’m trying to get readings done and a few other important items before I did today’s session. But I am being pulled in by my toenails today. For some reason it is imperative that I go now and post now so that the person who has to see this will. So let’s go…..

I am instructed first to put my raw turquoise over my 3rd eye again, and secure with my head band in order to ease my sinus pressure. I do and of course, it is working. I got this pressure today after I sent an enormous ray of light to a friend who is having sinus and lung problems. Even though I had a wall of protection around me, it still came in a bit when I pulled the light back. Okay, now I am instructed to move the turquoise down to the bridge of my nose and secure it there. It feels strange, the way I have this band on my head, but the turquoise is still working. So I can’t complain too much.

I can hear Bill calling me so I go. I join him in a the crystal room, where Ted and I were the other night to view our past lives. I tell Bill how surprised I am to see him. He apologizes for the way he has been acting. He knows what I know now and that I’m not bothered by it. He realizes that his fears have been childish and unfounded. He is trying to come out of his self-imposed exile and for me to be patient a bit longer. I agree.

Bill grabs my hand and we stand in front of the various images in front of us. I can see us back as Phillip and Sunshine, very happy and in love. There are also images of us in seats of power – a few scenes we are happy, other’s we are not. There are more tragic love scenarios than I thought – just the opposite of Ted. It appears that with both men, I have had the same amount of tragedies and great loves. Ted comes in from the side. He stands and looks at the two of us. Bill tells him to grab my hand. A wave of relief crosses Ted’s face and he does just that, grabs my hand. There is an incredible white out. I can see nothing, they can see nothing. We have to close our eyes because the white light hurts so much. A few moments later, we open and are in the meadow.

A beautiful butterfly lands in front of us. It morphs into a fairy princess. Her name is Galadriel (sounded out – Ga- lad-ree-ull). She is a spectacular woman, only about 4 foot in size with a very slender body and blond hair. In her hand she holds a white staff. Telepathically she tells us that we are chosen and now is the time to do our life work. The layers need us, the great ones are counting on us. But we will not do this alone. Our light reaches far and wide to gather the masses under our umbrella. As a whole the layers will take back and claim the wrath of power that has been misused. It will come undone and the layers will heal, slowly. This lifetime is only but a step in the progress we will make. For the next two lifetimes we three will be reborn and rejoined to continue the work. After the 3rd lifetime, we will be free to guide from the other realm. She kisses us each on the forehead and put what appears to be a wreath of light around each of our heads. She leaves us by saying – you are chosen, it will be tempting to misuse what has been given to you. But fear not for two will never let the other one fall. As a trio of light you will conquer any darkness that dwells within your human shells, for your souls are pure light, pure love and it is this of which the layers count on, need, to live, exist and thrive. With this she fades away and we are standing there.

Ted stares at Bill and asks him – are you ready? Bill nods and says yes, I am. I smile at both and remind them that they both know how to find me. Everything fades from view and I am done.

By layers I instinctively feel that she is talking about what we call dimensions. This dimension has been damaged so, that the energy fans out via the trees, plants, stones and takes it up to the next dimension and so forth. By healing at the core, the other dimensions will heal. I also get that this current life is the 1st of the three in which we are chosen to fix what has happened. It will take 3 lifetimes to undo what has been done and/or to prepare people for the next level.

As far as what Bill is talking about -what I know – I do understand what he means. It is of a personal nature to Bill so I’m not going to mention what it is, but he is at least physically aware that this is not an issue with me.

I’m not sure I spelled her name right – she told us what her name was and I interpreted it into words.

Last night I had a dream visit with Bill. I can barely remember it, but he was behind a curtain, hiding. He had a friend who had stopped by with her husband to visit him. But he pretended he didn’t know them. I knew he was lying.

Now I am free to get my work done:)

Crystal Sunshine!

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