Bill, Ted and Dream Visits!

Bill, Ted and Dream Visits!

What I week – I mean wow – I’ve been busy. Trying to do all of my readings before the holidays next week. This hasn’t been an easy task. With my 50% off sale that has been going most of the month – many people have taken advantage of this offer. Since I have a couple thousand clients worldwide – you can just imagine the overload I’ve had.

My inbox has more emails that I know what to do with. If you’ve sent me an email – especially a follow-up email to a reading – I have it. I’m just buried – so please be patient.

Lately there has been an onslaught of people emailing me for free advice instead of submitting it to the column (okay, so I’m REALLY behind on this column) or the podcast. I can’t and I won’t answer those emails – they automatically get deleted. This last week I’ve been getting 20+ a day – I’m only one person doing the best I can. Free questions have to be submitted to the Ask Allie column/podcast.

Plus (pat myself on the back) I was on Keen and Liveperson this week. As I’m working on the OBE outline – again – I’ll be on LP.

What else has been going on? Oh – you know Cheryl who likes to comment on this blog? She and her 12 year old son are moving from TX to live up here in OH with my son and I. Her son and my son are soooooo happy that they are going to finally have a “brother”. Remember when I said that I couldn’t find one friend in Wooster to hang out with? I finally got tired of it and am now importing my friends – lol. The boys are going to share a bedroom – Cheryl is taking my office and somehow – I’m moving my office into my bedroom. Creative arranging — but somehow it’ll all fit. Even if I have to line my walls with shelves. She should be up here right after Christmas. And yes – I warned her about the cold.

My WordPress problem – I’ll have to forgo a WP blog on my site as I’m on a new, very secure server. If I want WP to work, I have to be moved back to an older, less secure server. I leave it where it is.

My screenplays – sitting at the top 5 Hollywood agencies. Fingers crossed. H-Wood is closed down for the holidays and then there’s Sundance in Jan. So we’ll see if we can hear from someone in Jan. If not – the plan is to have me in Los Angeles in Feb to meet with the agencies and production companies. You never know:)

I did have a lunch date today. No – I’m not going to tell you anything about him, but I will say that I had a nice time. Will there be a second date? No idea – that’s up to him. But either way I had a pleasant afternoon.

Wednesday night I had two separate dream visits – one from Bill and the other one Ted. With Bill he and I are sitting around chatting, For some reason he said that he likes a small back yard. I tell him that I have a small back yard. He looked at me with this strange look on his face — and I said, well ya it’s small because I have a 2 1/2 car garage on my property. He was also showing me pictures he had taken — I don’t remember what the pictures were about except that they were of landscapes and some ancient ruins. He was very excited to show me these pictures and I was just as thrilled to be looking at them. I kept asking – when are we going to go? He said -not yet, not everyone is here.

Next dream visit I was sitting wit Ted on a comfortable couch in a large house. I can remember the big fireplace and the beige couches. He and I are just chatting up a storm. He leaned over, put his arm around me and pulled me close. I asked – what are you doing? He leaned in to kiss me – I backed away. I commented – aren’t you married? Just then his wife came in and gave him a kiss on the cheek. He went to introduce me, but she didn’t care and just kept walking. He said – some wife. If you were my wife and I was on the couch with another woman, you’d beat the shit out of me. My reply – naw — I’d just take all of your money:) So he learned in again to kiss me and again I backed away. I told him to stop it. I’m not anyone’s “second”. He mumbled something under his breath – when a Brit gets pissed and they start letting the words fly – it’s hard to figure out what in the hell they’re saying! So I had no clue. I just told him I’d see him later. As the dream was ending I heard him say – you’re damn right you will – lol.

I am so tired I swear I could sleep for a week. Off to bed I go!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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