Bill, Ted and Alan!

Bill, Ted and Alan!

Today I sat with my 3 Crystals, Healing Wand and a piece of Natural Turquoise. As soon as my hands grasped both ends of the wand I got zapped. This “zapping” is so odd to me as it just started about a week ago – and it shows no signs of going away. I’m taking this as an increase in my gifts – my personal power.

I ask to be taken wherever I’m needed. I emerge at a party. I sense my sister at my side – I can feel the butterflies in my stomach. I see Bill – he sees me and our eyes lock for what seems like an eternity, but only a brief second in reality. He smiles, I smile. His attention is called away. He glances back at me a few times, tilts his head as if his mind is racing and he is trying to do 100 things at once. My sister keeps saying – he’s looking at you…he’s looking at you! I only smile because I can feel his heart racing.

Now I’m in a big room – it’s loud, lots of people. Alan comes over to me and introduces himself. He’s very funny – very witty. He looks good – a slight tan, hair a bit longer than I’m used to seeing. He has on a light – almost tan or cream-colored suit. He keeps staring at me – makes me rather uncomfortable. He asks if we need a drink. We say – sure! He leaves. I can sense someone looking at me. I glance around and it’s Ted. He sees me catch his eyes and he looks away very fast. That’s when I see Bill get up from the table – glance over at me and walk towards the back. I get up to follow and Alan pops up, with drinks in hand. I tell him thank you – and I’ll be right back. But he’s following me – I’m annoyed.

A woman comes up to me and asks if I’m Allie. I say yes (with a very confused look on my face). She comments that she reads my blog. Asks about the trip. I tell her I’ll be right back.

I get to the back – with Alan at my heels and I cannot find Bill. Now I’m really annoyed. I know that I can find him if Alan would just go somewhere else – but he’s like a faithful dog, he won’t leave my side.

Next thing I know I am surrounded by a white light. I’m in front of Jesus and he is speaking to me in Latin. I seem to understand him, because I answer back. I have so much light being poured into me that I’m glowing. I hear Jesus say – you are loved.

And I wake up.

Packing for the trip. So much to get done and feels like so little time to do it. I leave 1st thing in the morning. If you think of it – I could use the extra support and light on the 21st. All day – but the evening from 5:30 pm PST on is the most important.

Thank you!

Talk to you guys on Friday!

Crystal Sunshine!

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