Bill, Ted, Alan and Some Poetic Inspiration!

Bill, Ted, Alan and Some Poetic Inspiration!

I’m knee deep in writing my spells for book 2 – so I wasn’t going to even write in the blog today. But that damn little voice is telling me to do it anyways. So here I am!

I’ve had some interesting views on the blog Friday and today. I hope those who are that interested will step up and post – ask a question, comment, or just say “Hi”. I don’t bite – honest!

9 Days until I leave for CA. The 21st is a big fricken day in Allie’s life. Much more going on than I’ve revealed – but suffice to say it is important stuff. If something comes of my trip to Hollyweird I will certainly let all know the good or not so good news. But if you have some extra time on your hands on the 21st – can you send me some light and good thoughts? I’d greatly appreciate the help.

The Red Cross needs 40,000 replacements to relieve the volunteers in the Gulf coast. I’m seriously considering signing up when I get back from CA. But what troubles me about going is leaving my son behind for a few weeks. I don’t have any back-up down here in Wooster to help out and the hubby works 2nd shift. Mom lives over and hour away and I can’t ask her to take off work and come down. I know though that if I’m meant to go – that all will work out.

Had a really nice dream visit with Bill and Ted last night. I can only remember fragments – but they were both together – physically in the same place – and they decided to try to visit me together. I can remember the elation of actually “finding” me. The hugs and kisses. A lot of fast talking – like we were all try to get it all out and fast, in case one of us woke up. Their eyes were bloodshot – as if they were drinking a wee bit that night. But what I remember most is both of them saying “I can’t wait!” Only problem is I don’t know what they are looking forward to!

Remember that dream I had with Alan in it:

Well – he was back again last night. After my visit with Bill and Ted – I’m talking with Alan in the midst of many people. Looks like there is Egyptian art all around and that we are at a party. He just keeps talking to me, smiling and repeating how interesting I am. That I’m not like all the rest. I can see Bill and Ted far off and I try to make it to them. But Alan is right next to me telling me that I’m the one. He wants to take me on a trip. I remind him that I can’t go – I’m married. He shrugs and says well we both know what’s happening there. Then I remind him that he is not the one – my one has blue and green eyes. He asks how can he have both? I don’t want to explain it to him – so I try to leave. Next thing I know he is there with a picnic basket – begging me to leave. I tell him that I need a drink and for him to go away for awhile. He says not a chance.

Then I wake up.


Glad the guy finds me interesting – but gosh darn it!

I actually just had some poetic inspiration – it’s been a while. Bill must be writing again!

High upon the plain I stand.
Looking down:

Wondering —
Observing —
Searching —

For the one who take me to the next level,
The next plane of life.
The one I’ve been waiting,
To stand by my side,
Once again.

My eternal commitment,
Will continue,
Through the sands of time.

Until she realizes,
That there is nothing to be frightened of,
Nothing I cannot protect her from,
Nothing I cannot love her through,
And comes home.

Hope all is having a nice day!

Until tomorrow….

Crystal Sunshine!

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