Bill, Ted and Our Adventure!

Bill, Ted and Our Adventure!

Bill and Ted are back. Well, they’ve never really left…but they are back – back. For those of you who are just now joining the web site and looking around (thank you for that) and you have no clue who are Bill and Ted – in a nutshell they are my better 1/3’s. Yes, not better 1/2, but better 1/3’s. I discovered Bill in 2002 and Ted in I think – 2003. So this Nov it’ll be 10 yrs since I figured out my connection with Bill. Wow – that’s a long time.

After meeting Bill and not having it go like I would have liked (meaning being on physical speaking terms) I pushed him back. I knew that I could not have him except the connection on my terms – so I opted to wait it out.

As the years have progressed – our dream visits (after I met him) started with him and I in public places – usually a library – he reading in one corner and me across the place reading in my corner. We didn’t talk. This went for years.

While on the other hand – Ted – whom I still have not met – would show up and be all sexy with me in my dreams.

The time with Bill and I moved forward, slowly he would talk to me, even if just in passing. About a couple of months ago he finally said that he believed me. Now his soul always knew, but the conscious mind has a way of blocking out what it deems may be harmful to the human psyche. I guess that fear finally fell away.

So he and I have been talking more, just one on one, in the dreams. Not every night – not even every week. But when we would, it was more of a catching up session than discovery. If that makes any sense. If he and I have been connected as long as I sense we have – then there’s nothing really to discover about one another except in this current life – so catching up it is.

Fast forward with us chatting and BOOM – you have Saturday night. Holy hell. Hands down the best sex ever. And I mean ever. Granted I know it’s dream sex and not physical sex. Sexy, sensual, erotic and certainly orgasmic. In fact, it was the orgasmic conclusion what woke me up.

Tan. We were both very tan. No tan lines. So wherever we were, we went about our days without clothes. Sweaty. Hot. Long hair, his hair was just past his shoulders – and very grey. More grey than blondish/brown, but it obviously didn’t both me. The walls of the room were orange (doesn’t surprise me since the sacral chakra where sex/creativity is located is orange) with vary dark, heavy – like hand made – furniture. Bright furniture, tile floor and there was a scent of grilled peppers in the background.

My thought was Latin America or Mexico. Hummm….

But as I was mulling over Bill Sunday – Ted showed up. He just barreled in and announced that he was here too. The two of them are just so incredibly hot together. So what does this all mean? Hell if I know — but I’m along for the ride.

I realize how all of it sounds if you do not believe in past lives/reincarnation, soul groups and so forth. But it is what it is and I am who I am.

Have a great Monday!

Allie 🙂

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