Bill, Ted, A Party And One Year!

Bill, Ted, A Party And One Year!

Hard to believe a year has gone by since I saw Bill at a party. I wish never to repeat the ooze of negativity that I felt from that horrible place – however, would love to see Bill again. And if need be – would go to any ill-infused place I had to in order to see him. A lot has happened over the last year, Bill’s become more aware of what is happening and pulled back, while Ted has stepped up. Me — I’ve been going through the steps I need to take to have my life align the way it needs to be. I’ve gained much insight over the last 12 months, along with added strength to the gifts I do have an glimpse of gifts on the horizon. Things, I think, are all preceding the way they are supposed to – and I take comfort in that.

I wish I knew how Ted was doing – I mean really doing in the physical sense. I can sense him in the spiritual sense and he’s worn out, tired, cold, depressed, frazzled and irritated. And I can feel drunk too — and lost. I haven’t had a strong connection with him since I told Bill to get a hold of him about his lungs. I don’t know — just don’t know.

But speaking of Ted, I do keep getting glimpses of a vision today. They seem to dart in and out in a flash and I’ve been piecing it together. I’m at a party with my UK biz partner. The room we are in is light in color, a bar, waiters walking around with appetizer trays. I have a glass of champagne in my hand and I’m talking to two older couples about sex. Ben grabs my elbow and tells me that he wants to introduce me to someone. As we are walking across the room, he says – take a deep breath — I ask why? But he doesn’t need to say why because before me is Ted and his girlfriend. We are introduced and I’m not sure who has a harder time speaking – me or Ted. But I quickly recover and chat it up with his girlfriend. I tell them both that it was a pleasure to meet them and I walk away. I can feel Ted’s eyes on me the whole night.

Later that evening, I hold his gaze and motion to the balcony. I grab a drink and head out. I can hear him standing behind me. I turn and ask — have you figured out why you know me? He says– your face — your eyes– so familiar —but I can’t grasp the why. My stomach has a whole colony of butterflies in it as I swear I’m going to be sick with nerves. I steady myself and say – kiss me. He raises his eyebrows – kiss you? Yes, and you better hurry up before your girl toy comes out.

He gives me a very sweet, first date-like kiss on the lips. I had to catch my breath — and so did he. What was that? He asked;. I’m not sure (I lied) kiss me again. So he does, this time much deeper and the energy is astronomical. As I’m typing this vision now, my body will not stop trembling — annoying and cool at the same time. He pulls back and looks at me — who are you?

I can see girl toy approaching — so I tell him to sit. I just come out and say it — we’re soul mates. We’re what? Soul mates. Look, I know it’s hard to grasp, but Bill should have told you all about it. Bill? Ted looks lost. Told me? He did say we have to talk — what does he have to do with this? He’s our soul mate too. What! Poor Ted, his head is in his hands — he looks blown away. So it was you — he says — you, the picture, my lungs — it was you. I nod.

I grab my biz card and give it to him. I’ll be here for two more days. You and I really need to talk longer about this.

And with that I leave as the girlfriend comes out.

That’s all I’ve got so far. It seems to go hand in hand with a vision I think I had last year (or early this year) almost the same thing – with him finding out when we meet at a party.

I hope I can learn more — and I have to try harder to connect to Ted and to Bill. I feel out of the loop.

Have a great day!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 😉

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