Bill, Ted, A Letter And A New Guy Named Will!

Bill, Ted, A Letter And A New Guy Named Will!

I’ve been fighting doing this session now since yesterday morning. Why? Because I feel that part of it is going to upset me and it will throw me out of work mode. But I cannot put it off any longer, Ted’s in trouble – I can feel it.

I emerge into whiteness (for lack of a better word). The light here is brilliant, but does not hurt the eyes. I can hear a man sobbing off in the distance. I move towards the sound and I can see Ted. He has a 1/2 full bottle of whiskey in his hand, perched on the end of his bed in a hotel room. He looks like hell. I take a step towards his when Bill grabs my arm. He says – no – you can’t go near him unprotected, and neither can I. Why? I ask.

Raise your energy – he says. Why? He gives me that look — like just do it! I raise my energy level and form an extra protective barrier around me.

Satisfied that I am fully protected, Bill nods his head towards Ted and tells me to look again.

I do and I can see little black dots swarming all around Ted. It reminds me of a person sitting inside a swarm of gnats.

Oh my God. I turn to Bill — what happened? He was in such good spirits.

From behind us, Archangel Michael steps forward. He has lost all hope, Michael says.

But why? I don’t understand what has happened.

Yes you do, Michael says, you both do for you can feel it in your heart – your soul.

I’m thinking to myself, yes, I do know. He hates putting on a mask for the world to see. He hates having to be someone who he is not. He is tired, sooooooo very tired of it all. He’s older, alone (in his eyes) and has money to show for his life, but what else? Nothing means anything to him but his children and they are growing up (something he has missed being on the road) and now they do not need him as much. He feels useless. He feels love, but he cannot find the source. He hears a voice, but does not know if he imagines it or not. So he has shut down completely so all that he can feel is his pain.

Bill and Archangel nod as they could read my thoughts and they both agree.

If he’s not letting anyone in his energy field, nor is he listening to anything outside the physical realm, how do we get to him? I ask.

Bill replies – I can go visit. Pick up the phone at least and try to make it through.

Archangel Michael nods in agreement. He needs something in the physical world to take his mind off of his pain, this way his block will come down – slightly – in the spiritual plane and it will be easier to send him light.

But you’re an Archangel, why can’t you send all the light of the Divine to him? Why will that not work?

Because he needs to be accepting of the light, he has to make the decision to climb out of the darkness. No amount of light from the outside can do this. We must get him to let his own light shine through and that will be done once he has some hope again. All he needs is a kernal.

I’m standing there. feeling like an idiot because I’m not sure what I can do. I cannot pick up the phone, I cannot hop on a flight to go and see him – I cannot send a letter through the mail to reach him where he is right now.

Hearing my thoughts – Michael says – the Divine has already heard your concern and has sent you a messenger. She will get the message to him, from you, with all of the right words. Do not fear you will say the wrong thing or that it will not get to him, for if it were not to happen, we would not be standing here and your messenger would not know what she knows.

Bill hugs me and says – don’t worry, we’ll save him.

And everything disappears.

I guess I have a letter to write.

A new soul has entered into my circle. I’m not sure why he’s here or what part he has to play in everything. But I’ll call him Will. He’s been in my dreams every night for the last two weeks. He also keep invading my thoughts – so it’s something 🙂

Have a good weekend everyone.

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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