Bill, Ted, A Hotel And Brother Tim!

Bill, Ted, A Hotel And Brother Tim!

I decided to sit with my healing wand today – it has been awhile. As soon as I touched both ends the energetic fireworks began! I am immediately taken, as an observer, to Bill’s bedroom. His hair is longish – almost to the point where he can pull it back in a pony tail – or maybe he actually can – but right now it’s down. He moves some hair from the right side of his face and secures it to the back of his ear lobe. He is surrounded by dozens of pieces of notebook paper. They are everywhere – in stacks almost, but more fanned out. He takes a drink of what looks like a beer, and grasps a paper. He takes it and compares something on it to a journal. His eyes grow wide and I can hear him mummer – no shit – as he rubs his forehead.

Next I’m brought to a scene where Ted is at a desk, the type you would find in an upscale hotel suite. A door slams and he turns around, it’s Bill. The men hug, exchange greetings. Bill sits back in a high back chair – reminds me of something French. Ted, back at the desk. Ted asks – have you made any headway? Bill says yes. I can’t believe it – but yes. You’re too late though, Ted says, I already called her. Bill’s face turns a deep shade of pissed off red. Ted goes on — you’ve taken too fucking long. I only have one life in this body and I’d like to start living. Bill takes a deep breath, through a clenched jaw he asks, what did she say? Ted shrugs. We chatted a bit about a reading and other spiritual subjects. I asked her about soulmates, she replied in a non-personal manner. So she doesn’t know that we know — Bill inquires. No, as far as I know she doesn’t know. But of course since she knows more than us she could have known, but not told me, knowing that I didn’t want her to know that we know.

Bill raises his eyebrows. To anybody else that wouldn’t of made sense. I know, it’s mad, isn’t it – Ted replies.

So you just? Bill stops. Ted picks it up. Worked off the picture, yes I did. She was very helpful and I promised that I’d call her back. You should have waited like we agreed – Bill says. Ted jumps up. I couldn’t any longer – this is all making me crazy. Before it was the glimpses in dreams, a feel that a person was there but not knowing who or why. Then the dreams became more intense. I’m hearing a woman’s voice in my head, after talking to her, I now know it’s her. I see her, very quick. I drift off in a daydream and it is all as if it is happening to me. I can see her, feel her, smell her. I can’t do this any more.

Call tomorrow – Bill asks. Ted rubs the stubble on his face and nods in agreement.

A man arrives to the right of me, the view of Bill and Ted disappears. He tells me not to worry, that everything is going as it should. I tell him that I’m not worried, just curious and probably anxious. This man I am taking to, he reminds me of Jesus but heavier set. He’s in a tunic, pants, sandals, rope around his robust belly like a belt. I ask him who he is. He smiles and says that I know. I’m like – I do? He says of course. With that he kissed me on my forehead and faded from view.

During the session I didn’t know who he was, but as I’m typing this part out it dawns on me. Brother Tim. He is a monk that visits all 3 of us. I haven’t seen him in quiet some time.

On a separate note. My son is doing good in kindergarten. On Thursday we had a bit of an emotional time as he started to cry and wouldn’t let go. But today he seemed better – I reminded him that he had to be a big boy. He also has a girlfriend. He’s so cute — he asks me if he can still love me and have a girlfriend. I assured him he could. He tells me – but mom, you’re still my best girl:)

My 1st newsletter, Empower Yourself, went out today and it contained some good information for the upcoming week. If you didn’t get a chance to view it:
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Back to work!

For those of you in the states, have a wonderful and safe Labor Day Weekend!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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