Bill, Ted, A Dream Visit And The Dang Bathroom!

Bill, Ted, A Dream Visit And The Dang Bathroom!

Wow – I had the most amazing dream visit with Bill and Ted. It was so vivid — man! I don’t know how the visit started….the 1st thing I remember is sitting down in a movie theater with Ted next to me. We are watching an alternative ending to a movie we like. Bill is there in the dream visit too – but now instead of the theater, it’s a cafeteria. The scene keeps changing between the cafeteria and the movie theater. Anyways – Ted has his arms around me so tight — it was so cute. Switch back to the move theater and a guy (an Italian man, older — reminded me of someone in the mob with that NYC way of talking) sits in the aisle seat ( Ted and I were seats 2 & 3) next to me and asked what he missed. I tell him that we are at the end. His wife is stilling behind him (packed theater) and says – we just wasted $7 at a matinees price (they got 1/2 price as it was almost over) to see the ending only? What a rip off!

We switch back to the cafeteria where Bill – as a 6 year old sits across from Ted and I at a table. Ted strengthens his grip around my shoulders – he pulls me in very close. Bill sits and I introduce myself. He says I know, nice to see you again (and he smiles). I thought to myself — again?? He’s remembering the dream visits (I was sooooo happy). Ted tightened his arms around me again…now I really couldn’t move he was holding on so tight.

Okay, movie over. Bill is now no where to be found and Ted and I leave the theater like we are boyfriend and girlfriend – arm – in – arm. I can still feel the pressure of him holding on so very tight to me. I had heard in the theater that Bill was going to give a news conference on the alternative ending to the movie (Ted tells me there are two other alternate too). Ted and I split ways and now I’m with my husband (I know that his part in all of this was actually a dream since he was up and gone to work). I tell him that I want to see Bill talk (I can hear people chatting that in this news conference they bet Bill will only say a few words and that’s it — he will be very elusive), he is not thrilled at all by this. He tells me that there is a problem with the Cooper — that someone will have to come out and fix the skirts on it as it looked like someone took a hammer and just beat the crap out of both sides. He went to take care of that while I went into the room where Bill was going to speak.

The room was jammed packed full of people. I could not get to where he would speak so I just shuffled through to where — but the cafeteria. I saw Ted coming up behind me. He handed me a paper and said – I was told to give this to you. I opened it up and it was an announcement of sorts about this conference. Started at 8:00 pm sharp. I can’t remember what else was on that white sheet of paper. Ted was flirting with some chick and she was giving him her number – all while he was laughing it up with the woman’s father who sat next to him. I leaned over the table and tapped him on the left knee. Everyone frowned at me (but Ted) and I said that I needed to ask him a quick question. He pocketed the woman’s phone number said bye and got up.

We were walking and I told him that he didn’t need to leave – I just wanted to ask him something. Arm around me tight again I unfold the paper and ask him what am I supposed to do? Am I supposed to meet him? Should I wait? Ted said he didn’t know (we are now outside of what looks to be a college campus) all he was told was to give it to me. He says he’ll ask. So we stop walking where Bill is staying (and I recognize this apartment complex from a previous dream visit). He tells me to stay put and he goes off to find Bill. I think to myself – I’d better call my husband and tell him to go home without me. But what should I say? I’ll tell him that I met up with some people who saw the alternative ending and wants to discuss it. So I rummage through my purse (the one I actually do have in reality) and pull out a cell phone that I have never seen. I put it back and find not my Blackberry – but one of those black smartphones with a keyboard that slides out. I think that this won’t work – he won’t answer his phone as I doesn’t recognize this number. As I’m looking again – I think to myself than I have too many cell phones – and then I find mine and make the call.

I pull out the smartphone and start typing something on it when I decide to peek around the corner to see where Ted is. I move through a family eating on a blanket. I glance and I do not see Ted. As I move to leave (I see Ted coming towards me – doesn’t see me – but here he comes) the girl on the blanket wraps her arms around my one leg and will not let me go. I finally get free and am working on the smartphone when Ted comes up behind and puts his arm around me – with the other hand he hands me a plastic yellow bucket with a yellow shovel and it has some candy in it (like you would see a kid get at Easter or his birthday), he tells me he went to Rite Aid to get it and it was tricky driving as he didn’t know the area. No word on Bill, but I know that we are heading to the beach now (it’s dark) and my hope is that there I’ll see Bill.

We are now inside a building, I am carrying the bucket, and Ted tells me that he has a meeting in the morning to take care of the issues that are bothering me. I see a bathroom and I tell him that I’d better go as I know me – as soon as there is no bathroom around (like on the beach) I will have to go. He chuckles and asks if I need any help — my 1st thought was that I didn’t want him to see me naked at any point yet as my legs needed a quick shave. So I told him no – not yet do I need the help. He started to follow me into the bathroom, but didn’t. When I got on there it is what it looks like in all of my typical bathroom dreams. People in there – toilets overflowing – generally disgusting and I’m saying how gross this is and why can’t anyone flush their toilets. I hear someone at the end flush theirs and I go in. Only to look down and find out that there is poop turds all around my bare feet. And the toilet itself is slippery and the handle where I could hold on is also slippery. So I’m trying like hell not to slip and put a foot in the poop — I am pulling up the pant legs of this yellow sliky pants outfit I am wearing. I am beyond grossed out.

Then I wake up — and yes, I did have to pee:) I tried so hard to get back to that dream…I wanted to be back with Ted and see Bill and go to the beach!! What still stands out so vividly is the amount of hugging Ted did. I know he did not want to separate from me at all. He was also very reluctant to get me and Bill together.

Last night I took to bed not only my healing wand, but this time a large faden quartz and my Bill stone that I found in the pacific ocean. I had a hell of a time going to sleep all night and I wish I could remember the rest of my dreams — I know I traveled a lot – and maybe I shouldn’t use that combo very often:) I do know that the last time I tried to sleep with Bill’s rock that I couldn’t rest either — to much traveling.

Very cool though:)

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 😉

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