Bill, My Pain And Whispers Media!

Bill, My Pain And Whispers Media!

I’ve received several emails — where are you Allie? Why haven’t you posted? Because I ran away and joined a circus! Well, that’s what I wanted to say — I joined as the fortune teller and secretly unlocked all of the cages and escorted the animals to sanctuaries so they could live off the rest of their lives in peace and safety. But what I have been doing is getting drugged up – finally – and jumping in feet first to the poop load of work I’m behind on.

The cat scan confirmed I have a brain and that it gets used — despite what people may think:) My cat scan and my neck x-rays showed nothing abnormal, and that I have arthritis in my neck but that’s normal (or so I’m told) for people over the age of 35. I asked the woman, so what’s the norm for people at 40? I figured I’d ask since I’ll be 40 in less than 5 months — the tech laughed and said — oh honey, just wait. I’m not sure if that was a good laugh or not:) But my reply is that I’m really looking forward to menopause. She couldn’t believe it — why she asks? Because I can have all the sex I want and not worry about getting pregnant! After a chuckle or two she tells me I’m still going to have another child. I asked with who – cause it ain’t happening where I’m at right now. I swear this woman really loved to laugh at me — or with me — because she did that again and replied — time will tell!

So anyway — I finally got some great drugs to chill out my neck muscle spasms and some kick butt narcotics for the pain. I may be a shy high — but I can think once again.

In the mean time hubby had to go to the ER, an infection from a pulled tooth pushed on into his sinus cavity and ouch! So instead of getting our tree this weekend (we normally go out and chop our own) we’re at home on a mountainful of meds. Holiday cards – haven’t started. Cookies – haven’t even opened a recipe book yet. Yep — tis the season.

BTW – Bill, my guide has said that you need to place where I can see it the okay to send you a letter. I’m just the messenger here – at least for now. And since I am on meds — if you could find/write something without a lot of subtext I sure would appreciate it.

Oh – and before I forget folks:

Can you click on this link and do 2 things for me please:

1) Click on the Whispers Media hyperlink half way down the page and make the connection to our site.
2) Rate us on the hyperlink below our name on this link above.


3) if you can forward this on to your buddies and buddettes for them to do the same then that would be fab!

All the help for online marketing hey :o) I call it a hands-on guerilla style modus operandi!

Thanks guys – really appreciate it!

If you are ever interested in which stories I wrote for WM. Check out under Red Whispers, “Sex In The Cities” – Picture This, ( and under Blue Moon, “Just The Two Of Us” – Imagine This, The Perfect Storm and A Slice Of Heaven ( .

Head over to Pillow Talk ( and submit a question or two for Between The Sheets.
And — one more thing before it flees my mind — again. I have found two more Family Magic books – so I am extending the offer of All 3 GYPSY MAGIC FOR THE SOUL books (Love, Prosperity, Family), personalized for the low price of $24.00 + shipping! Only TWO of these combos available (the original 5 that I offered in the Numerscope are gone). If you want one, email me ASAP at

My emails from hell are very – very slowly getting caught up.

And on that note I’m going to head to bed. I’m hoping to have some meaningful dream visits tonight!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 😉

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