Bill…more Bill and Merlin!

Bill…more Bill and Merlin!

I have had such an overwhelming pull to connect to Bill today that it is unreal. Yesterday was the same – but the connection today has the kind of power in it that can change lives – do you know what I mean? I can feel him pulling me. I’ve never felt such a tug where I can lapse into a connection “like that” with no thought first. The connection is like turning on and off a light – it’s that instantaneous today.

That said, I’m letting him pull me into a loft. It is well – a loft – large, spacious – brick – great views of NYC. Open, airy and I don’t know – it feels so refreshing here. I see artwork everywhere – a blue couch. A TV. I call out to see if someone is home – no one is answering…so I’ll keep looking around. I can’t get over how big this place is. I move towards the back and I can see Bill on a bed. He sits in the center, legs folded – hands out – palms up – touching forefinger to thumb. Then in a flash I see him, next to “him”. His astral body is out and looking at me.

I smile and say – you called? He laughs and says he doesn’t have a lot of time. For what I ask? I hear a woman’s voice and a door slam shut. He looks at me and says very soon Sunshine – very soon. He’s snapped back into his body and I’m outta there like the wind.

I end up at the ocean. I know that someone needs my help – some of my light – so I am content to sit in the sand and send it out. I can seen the light circling him – white and red light – spiraling up his body while a sea of black gunk pour out from the top of his head. I can see light hitting him from a different direction – and it is from Cindy – she too is surrounded by a sharp bright light. I hold this for as long as I can. When I’m done – I am still the only one on the beach. Off to my right Merlin comes over and sits next to me.

He asks me if I have been practicing? I shake my head – haven’t had the time to concentrate. He says that I have not been given anything I cannot handle. With that he leaves.

I have a flash of Bill and I in what I think is Italy – Tuscany? We are walking along a cobble stone street – looking into shops. Then we are on a train then in a villa in Spain.

The connection with Bill keeps interrupting my session. He’s just so in my face. The energy is so intense that the front of my face feels strange – tingly with pressure on my cheeks (I don’t have any sinus problems) – I keep wanting to smile, but I don’t; have a reason for it. This is so-so strange – like nothing I have ever felt. I have to cut my normal session short – because he won’t let me have it.

Wonder if there is a change in the air? I can feel myself at the cusp of something – only I’m not entirely sure what the whole experience will be. I have allot of energy surging through me today. But it is an energy that I can handle. There is no shaking, or headaches. Only the feeling of me having an IV of coffee dripping into my vein!

Since I have a feeling work will be a challenge today – I had better get at it!

Until later….

Crystal Sunshine,
Allie 😉

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