Bill, Past Lives And A Kiss!

Bill, Past Lives And A Kiss!

Just one kiss. All we have to do is kiss and he will remember everything.


Bill said that to me in my dreams and during meditation over and over again throughout the years. One kiss. That’s all it would take. A kiss and the floodgates of previous lifetimes (or synchronous lifetimes in other dimensions, depending on your POV about past lives) would come streaming through, It might not make sense at first, but the pictures, movies, feelings and emotions from those lives would be set free to the conscious mind.

I remember a lot of our past lives, but he — well if he remembered anything he is the type of person that would hunt to the end of time to figure it all out. I have always felt that he is searching for meaning. Whether it is reading a book, poem, visiting one of the vast places he has encountered — I feel he searches for what feels familiar. Although in the logical sense none of it should be familiar.

And would this kiss work with the other 11 guys – or just on Bill?

I bet you’re asking yourself – what got her thinking about this today?

Those damn people from Lost. First it was Hurley in Season 6 episode “Everyone Loves Hugo” starting at 32:49. Hugo and Libby kiss, it comes flooding back to him – their time together.

Then we have Once Upon A Time (Lost writers) in this past episode “The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter”

…same doggone thing – a kiss and things come flooding back.

It was that like exactly for me (minus the kiss damn it) with Bill back in 2002. When I saw him, the floodgates opened up and the memories came to me as a series of fast pictures.

I admit – I really want to kiss Bill. Not necessarily to do anything or go anywhere with him, but to see if he would remember. To see if it actually would work.

My desire for the 12 to remember is so strong, that I wonder if that alone could help them remember something. Some sort of flash of memory that would make them curious about who the memory was about – what was it about – when did it happen.

The guys have been on my mind frequently. I can go months and months without really thinking about any of them. But over the last several weeks – they are all in my head. Not one, not two – but all. It came right after my discovery of another guy. I thought I had all 12 done – but I don’t. Here are the ones I am 150% positive:

Bill, Ted, Will, Vincent, Todd, Ben, Rick, Thomas, Kyle and John.

The two that are iffy are: Nathan and Scott. I think Tom may be in there and replace one of the two – but I don’t know which one. That bugs me. I lean towards Nathan out – but again, not sure. I don’t really have a lot of strong past life memories of any of these 3.

As always – time will tell.

And with that I’m of to make supper!

Allie 😉

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