Bill, Hope And Transference!

Bill, Hope And Transference!

I’m minding my own business today, working on returning emails in between readings — when all of a sudden a back muscle, on my left side balled up like a clenched fist! Now I wasn’t doing anything or thinking about anything to aggravate it — so it has to be a Bill or Ted move that has – as usual – transferred to me. God it hurts. Thankfully I’m going to be getting a massage, but not until next weekend. Until then I’ll keep hitting it with this very large crystal that has offered to help out.

I thought about trying to do a session today, but I really do not need to. Why? because Bill keeps coming to me in what I call my flash visions. He has been right there – standing on the fringe, watching, observing really and I swear it feels like he is taking notes. I keep hearing say HOPE. Have hope Allie that everything will work out — hope will make or break us — hope is the key. Things like that. He’s not as in my face as he’s been known to be. In a way I wish he would be so that he would find out what he needs to know and we can move forward. It’s very difficult to do anything when someone is looking over your shoulder – even if it is in the 3rd eye sense.

Sleep was really non-existent last night. I was awaken from a dead sleep about 1:46 am by an outdoor cat fight. And then I couldn’t go back to sleep. I kept hearing my name being called by Bill – he kept telling me that I haven’t followed through with something. Like he was giving me a test to do or write something and I failed. I don’t dare email him again and ask what does he want? Or to ask how Ted is doing. When I need to know something, I’ll know. Maybe I could and can hear him so clearly because we are in the same time zone – only one state apart really – for the next few days. Very soon it would have been an entire year since I saw him -in person – in that room filled with negative goop. What a difference a year makes. Has me wondering what will be happening next September.

Ted feels to have dropped out of sight for awhile. The sense I get is that he is busy with a new job and is not feeling well.

Back to work I go.

Have a great day!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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